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Stone Baked Bread
Tradition / Ritual | Mar 14, 2024

This is one of the reporting logs of Mimi Lakes, a Naiad from the Depths, out to prove that she can become a fully fledged Knowledge Liasion Officer.

This is her fifth report.
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Hero Ceremony
Tradition / Ritual | Apr 26, 2024

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Riverbed Magic Bugs

Toilmonth the 29th, Year 51 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle   There are magic bugs everywhere. But none bite as hard as the magic bugs from under the riverbed.

They Bite

Under the Tam River, there are many magic bugs that live in the soil below the waters. As the depths of the waters change drastically, the magic bugs inside the river water are slightly different, due to the pressure they are under, the light they bathe in, and the water plants they eat. Does the soil change as you go deeper? As the magic bugs underneath it change as well. Is it due to being closer to the magic source below? Or are the nutrients in the soil changing for the different plants in the river?
  After falling asleep in between a random patch of bladderwort and the riverbed while playing hide and seek, I was bitten by a bunch of bus. I have been very closely observing the one that bit me the most. It was stuck where I fell asleep and bit me when it was hungry. I know, cause I've been feeding it random stuff and it tries to wriggle out every time but can't get any further.

They Grow

I freed this magic bug. It has most of the colours of the riverbed bugs, but it seemed fine in the water. I left it eat the dead weeds in my room and it grew a little bit bigger and one of its brown stripes turned blue. I was so surprised I nearly threw it away. Except there was no other bugs as big as this one that dared enter my room.
  When I came home one day and it was eating my drawings, I decided to hand it to someone else. A couple of girls were giggling above the water so I gave it to one of them. I showed them how this bug would eat anything. They both giggled, but the Nymphlette with pink hair widened her eyes and I could basically see sparkles in them.
  She named the bug Nomyums.
  That was two weeks ago. The bug is now double the size of most of the magic bugs I have seen. And there are a couple of new coloured stripes.

In Conclusion:

I think Nomyums is a fun name. It's a magic bug that eats weird things, unlike the normal riverbed bugs that eat the nutrients in the soil. It was also nice not having to clean my room. Maybe I should get another one?

Supervisor Feedback

Mimi, you were asked to redo the Stone Baked Bread observational report, not submit a new report. However, the content is somewhat improved from previously, and I can see that you have thought about the subheadings. Therefore, I can submit this as a replacement for one of your earlier reports that could not be published. Though, I will take out the last sentence before letting it pass submission.
If you have questions, it is better to find answers than to simply just ask the question. You may ask the locals for example, and note that 'the locals suggest...' or you may head to a library and search up the information there, before adding it to your report (just remember to reference the information). This is a good way to back up your observations and identify whether what you have seen is expected behaviour, or something to be looked into further.
Noting exactly what things the magic bug ate would make a much better report. You are observing, so write your observations. What did it eat before its colour changed? If you have notes you took about this, send them to me and I will add an amendment to your report.
  Council Notes
Magic bugs able to change colour needs to be further looked into. Send someone to capture magic bugs from below the riverbed in the Plains and in the Great Forest. Observe and test their eating habits and compare results against each other as well as against the typical soil magic bugs.

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