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Hero Ceremony

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Species | Nov 24, 2023

This is one of the reporting logs of Mimi Lakes, a Naiad from the Depths, out to prove that she can become a fully fledged Knowledge Liasion Officer.

This is her sixth report.
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Material | Nov 24, 2023

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Hero Ceremony

Willmonth the 32nd, Year 51 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
  The Hero Ceremony of Milty Splinters was held on the second last week of the year to "end the year with a bang," according to the presenter of the ceremony.

Milty Splinters

Milty has been a team member of Steve Brown's Hero Party for a number of years now. She is a short Frog-kin withshort, pink hair and wears glasses. For the start of the ceremony, she had her hammer on her back, later on though, she held it up high, showing it off.
  She didn't smile the whole time the ceremony was going on. Only afterwards, when she had left the stage and spoke to another glasses-wearing person did she smile at him. Though he did have to bend down so she could pat his head. Nani Ookami, another Beast-kin in the Hero Party, then came around smirking which led to Milty geting angry and chasing her with her hammer. They were quickly stopped by a bunch of guys in suits though, before the rest of the public could see them.

Hero Confirmation

Milty's quick action in the Tsunami incident up north was the reason for her now having been given the official rank of 'Hero'. Although she was a member of the Hero Party, that's not really a title or anything. It's more like a freelance job. Being a Hero now means she is recognised by the Council as an employee and gets all the full-time working benefits. As well as the restrictions of being a public face of the Council.

The Ceremony

The Hero Ceremony was held in Mid-city, underneath the Council Housing floating in the sky on the 30th of Willmonth. There was a stage that the six Council members sat at the back of, and Milty stood at the front with the presenter. The presenter got to sit down when the Beast-kin Council member came up and conferred a medal to her, to signify her title. She was also given a name badge, as that is easier to wear when working. Milty had to stay standing the whole time, but I guess Hero's have to have enough stamina for at least that.
  After more than an hour of talking, they finally let Milty present her hammer and pose for the cameras. There were a lot of reporters who kept asking her to do a bunch of things and at the end, the Council members took some photos with her too.
  Afterwards, there was a row of food stalls open, with 15 % for all employees of the Council and related work. That included Knowledge Liaison Officers, so I was set.


Milty Splinters is a short-tempered employee of the Council, but has fancy moves and is able to help lots of people quickly so can get away with it.

Supervisor Feedback

I was pleased with your improvement in expressing your observations, until I read your conclusion. Although the statement itself is not exactly wrong, the report was on the Hero ceremony itself, not just Hero Splinters.
Although you have some data in the report, more specification is needed. The time of the ceremony start and end would be better than 'after more than an hour', or simply a start time and a more specific length of time, whether it be exact or approximated. Taegrin noted each preset interval of the ceremony and included the itinery given to all who attended as an attachment. Although both are not needed, you can learn from his work and at least do one.
Speaking of Taegrin, he mentioned that you had run off after the ceremony, and it was only after he had run through the entire festival set up for the celebration of the ceremony that he found you at the food stalls. Please let Teagrin know where you were going before you wander off.
From your report it sounds as if you were only interested in the food, but there was an entire festival going on in Mid City Square (as well as various places throughout Mid City, though I did not expect you to see and write about all of the smaller events oustide of Mid City Square). Did you miss the Hero Parade? The arcade games? The play? The facepainting? The dancing? There was also a number of attractions showing off various aspects of each of the six major races.
I have noted that there are no questions in this article. I hope you found answers, as opposed to simply leaving them out.
The report started out well enough, but withered towards the end. You do not have to write it all in one sitting. If your work will be better with a break in between, take a break. It is rare to find a KLO who does not take a break. Everyone needs them.
Taegrin was way too busy taking photos of the Hero to notice me. I did mention I was getting
hungry (I think it was to him). Plus, he was going to run all over the place anyways - you saw how big his report was.
We pretty much went back to Library HQ to write it all up after he found me.
  Council Notes
Find out how Mimi got through security to see backstage and fix the breach before the next Hero Ceremony.

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