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A magic bug that has grown 5 times the average (large) size through the eating of obscure foods.   Nomyums has been made into a pet by Patricia, a Naiad of the Shallows. Unlike almost everything else about them, Nomyums is solely Patricia's, and not Jacinta's. (Although there are a number of magic bugs that sing her to sleep when she is in Mid City, Jacinta does not take any in particular to be a pet.)   Nomyums was neven meant to leave the Great Forest. Nomyums is not meant to be most places they end up in. But Patricia gets a certain excitement from taking Nomyums to various places (particularly when they don't get caught). Nomyums appreciates the vast variety of foods not found in The Great Forest.

Cover image: by PixxlTeufel from Pixabay


Author's Notes

Cheers to Wintermuting for naming a pet character 'Nomyums' on my Twitch stream. This will be fun to see where it goes ~

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