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Magenta Charles Student

Mimi, although you are technically on holiday with the Search and Rescue team, you are still far behind on your KLO-1 reports. Teagrin has one left before this part of the promotion path is completed. I've suggested you two finish one together at our University base - there's been a fire in the hall and we'd like for that to not happen again, so please find out any useful information.

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: A Fun Student

Willmonth the 8th, Year 52 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
Some people are really strange, like monstrously strange. I know about changing the temperature of water (Almeta Bearach is good at that), but it is unusual to hear the temperature of the air change. Particularly in a Human city. Particularly by a Human (well, Half-Fairy-Human). Magenta Charles is said strange person.

The Fire Incident

  • The curtains were old. Easy to tell as the curtains were very faded.
  • The hall was cold.
  • Magenta had permission to practice (in fact asked to practice in the hall as it was a large open space devoid of lab things to break)
  • Magenta has had to work out how to use her powers herself, hasn't even bothered to ask a Fairy how they use their magic. (This, I am slightly worried by, but also amused.)
  • Magic Synaesthesia

  • Instead of feeling magic, like other Fairies, Magenta 'sees' magic.
  • Not many other peole understand this. I don't get it that much, either, but it sounds fun! (I'd like to see her again).
  • She can see Human's have magic too, which is very oppositional to the ingrained idea that Humans do not have magic. (She causes as much trouble as I do. I have offered to help her with her future thesis).
  • Kidnapping Incident

  • Magenta has been kidnapped before. (Maybe she knows how Reagan feels, a little?)
  • She also stopped her brother's kidnapping. (Maybe she can help us get Reagan)
  • While stopping her brother's kidnapping, Magenta did something magical to her friend's ordinary Van. Well, it sounds and looks ordinary. Magenta didn't look like she had much trouble figuring out where and what to adapt though?
  • It seems Magenta works out new ways to use her magic every time something happens. This is what really makes her monstrous.
  • Reflection

    I suggested to Magenta that she find the Fairies in order to help her out with her magic. I'm gonna go follow.
    What happened to writing about the University hall?
    Magenta is way more fun.
    Scary. But, weren't you the one who hid from her first?
    Yep. Then I watched her. She gave me goosebumps. And then it was hilarious watching her fight with her lecturer. Ahh, those were the days~

    Supervisor Feedback

    ... I really worry about you Mimi. PLease don't tell me what trouble you are planning to cause at the end of your report.
    Using 'Student Magenta Charles' might be a better title than 'A Fun Student'.
    I really worry about you becoming friends with her.
        Council Notes
    Is it possible to use Mimi as a way to placate Magenta? i am unsure just how worried we should be.

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    Author's Notes

    The images of Mimi, Taegrin and the Supervisor's faces were created using Artbreeder.

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