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Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: AB's Artifact

Praymonth the 10th, Year 53 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
The artifact that Almeta Bearach (AB) found in the abandoned baby whale area is a sister artifact to mine. After someone stole it from Sarah the Technology Fairy's company, Taegrin took the lead in researching where it came from (see his report for all the bits not in this one).

Sister Rivals

Both artifacts (my Spear and AB's Brooch) were made in the Ocean by the founding Elders of the Northern Warrior Mermaid's clan. The Elders started out as very close, though one was constantly trying to do as well as the first. The first Elder, who made the Spear (she will be Spear Lady from here on) and the third Elder, who made the Brooch (who will be Broochy), were quite good at what they did in establishing the Northern Warrior Mermaid community. There was a second Elder, but she was much more involved in the Council missions and wasn't a part of this rivalry.
  As Spear Lady grew in stature and wisdom, she left Broochy behind in skills and feats. This turned Broochy's admiration for Spear Lady's greatness into jealousy and 'abstract ambition'. Broochy started looking for things which Spear Lady had not had success in. Such as slaying sea monsters.


Artifacts are things which have magic absorbed from their user into the object for a long time, or just a lot at once. It's similar to magical technology, except that the effects of another user is not set. For example, when I put on AB's Brooch I just became hungry.
  So, although magic is running through them, often other things can also run through them. Almost like the emotions or wants of generations past. It doesn't make sense, but this is why my artifact was the reason why it could neutralise the Brooch. Spear Lady was the one that put an end to Broochy when she went too crazy.
  Anyways, there seems to be some link with the obsession that Broochy had for looking for sea monsters and what happened to AB. Maybe the Brooch pushes you to obsession? But AB was more berserk (like a powerful Beast-kin who hasn't learnt to control their magical rage), rather than obsessing over something, or trying to prove a point.


Artifacts are strange things that can carry more than just magic into new generations. But they do come with fun stories. And if they don't, we can make them up.
'Just became hungry'. You were instantly starving and swallowed a bush whole!
And through theat we found out someone had been planting poisonous bushes all over the university. Now they are gone and the students are safe.
... Don't ever wear it again.
Well, thank you. I don't want to ever feel that way again. I'm surprised you're so weak though.
WHat a way to thank someone. Also, your Spear doesn't like anyone else touching it! That's why it's so much heavier for anyone else than you to weild it!

Supervisor Feedback

Blanket statements, like 'see Taegrin's report for all the missing bits' just sounds lazy. Granted, you are not required to write as much as he does, particularly as a KLO-1, but there are better ways to word it.
Please be respectful in your reports of authority, particualrly founding, figures. At the very least, keep their rightful 'Elder' title throughout the report. Acronyms also work well here (you even did that for AB).
Please don't make up history. Write a fanfiction or something instead.
Sometimes, I really wonder about your observation skills.
Why? The Brooch artifact was stolen while it was being tested in a tech lab - I couldn't be in there even if I wanted to! Actually, no one was allowed in there... Sarah Technology Fairy was also mad.
    Council Notes
As Search and Rescue team A have resumed work, send team B to find who stole the Brooch artifact. It is one the more 'emotional' ones we've seen in a long time.


Author's Notes

The images of Mimi, Taegrin and the Supervisor's faces were created using Artbreeder.

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5 Aug, 2022 10:27

This was fun to read! I like that it is framed as a not-too-serious rookie report, complete with the supervisor's criticism. The dialogue bits are lovely, too! (And by the way, the background image is very beautiful!)

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11 Aug, 2022 10:54

Thank you :)   I've enjoyed finding Mimi's voice throughout the prompts, and her growing relationships with others as well as the world around her.

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6 Aug, 2022 01:32

Interesting! I will admit it did not quite hook me at first until I realized the context, then I was amused and intrigued. Well played and well done. Also the formatting is interesting and engaging. ^_^

11 Aug, 2022 10:55

Thank you :)   I've enjoyed writing it, so if it makes others even a little amused I'm happy.

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