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Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Finance Officers

Toilmonth the 2nd, Year 52 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle   Finance Officers are the staff of the Finance Department in the Human Government Housing Office. They are the largest Department of the Human Government Housing Office, with their head office located in the City Centre.


The position of Mayor is the highest title in the entire Human Government Housing Office, with the Department Officer for Finance as one of positions the level just below Mayor. The Department Officer for Finance is the highest position in the Finance Department, and can only be given through rigorous work ethic, positive results and networking.
  Going from the ground up in the Finance Department, one would start as an intern, having already been working as a graduate (or equivalent) in the lowest their of the Government Housing Office (mostly the complaint workers).
  After interning for specified time, they may gain a full position, FD Staff-sub rank 1. There are eight sub ranks before becoming an Officer. There are only two Officer titled positions, Mid City Officer and All Cities Liaison Officer, that along with the Assistant Department Head are the highest positions under the Department Officer for Finance.  

Example: Officer G

Officer G is the Officer of Finance for Mid City, who oversees the staff of the Finance Department. He has a daughter at the third most prestigious school of Mid City and lives in a fancy mansion on a fake hill.


Officer G attended the most prestigious school in Mid City of his time and finished his University degree with High Honours. He completed a Masters while in a graduate position at the Human Governance Office. From his graduate position he rose the ranks to Officer of Finance and has been in that position for five years. I probably helped that his family has been a part of the Human Governance Office for many generations now. That is also how he got his fancy house on the fake hill.

Fake Hill

A number of  generations ago (six as far as I can find out) Officer's G's family have lived in Fancy street. Each head of the family have added (at least) a room to their house. At first, it looked a bit strange and had a very jumbled aesthetic, according to the photos I found in old newspaper reports of the family, but after a few generations, they started to smooth out the aesthetic. Even to the point of whenever one generation head doesn't like the look of the building, they just dump some concrete over the whole house and start again with their preffered aesthetics.
  As this has happened a few times, their (now) mansion sits on a hill of concrete, known as the 'fake hill of fancy street'. The hill also houses some of the staff of the mansion, and the rest of the staff live along Fancy Street, between staff of the Finance Department. 


The only known family to live inside the main mansion with Officer G is his daughter, M. She is known to be as arrogant as the price tag on her clothes. And nearly as troublesome (this is the third school she has been to after being kicked out of the other two most prestigious schools of Mid City). Officer G tends to let her run loose though, as long as she brings him adequate results.
  I did read in a secret document that one time she was kicked out of school wasn't because she was the one causing trouble, but that a lot of the security staff were hurt because of the people trying to kidnap her. So, it was really the fact that they were unable to properly protect her that she moved. At least that time.

Concluding Remarks

The Finance Department is a large Department in the Human Government Housing Office that is filled with many staff levels, from interns to Department Director. One cannot go high up through the ranks without being well known and a hard worker. Thus Officer G being handsome, rich and following his families footsteps has helped both him get so far and will help his daughter in the future.
How did you read a secret document?
*shrugs emoji* The emoji signifies that Mimi is shrugging, as she doesn't really care to answer the question, or has forgotten how she got away from the secretary and into the office by herself.
... I knew it wasn't a good idea to go separate ways once inside the Government Housing Office.
*meh face emoji* This emoji shows Mimi's meh face, highlighting the fact that she didn't want to see the old Mayor who talks too much, but the good-looking-in-a-suit Officer G.
Even though you only saw his secretary, as Officer G was in a very important meeting when we arrived.
*ponders evilly emoji* This shows that Mimi did still see him when he left the meeting, and maybe running around his office was to see all those pictures of him up close and that's why she sent the secretary to him for 10 minutes.

Supervisor Feedback

It's great that you talked about the promotions within the Financial Department, but you have missed the most important part of the report: What is the work that they do? For example:
  • They oversee the finances of the entire Government Housing Office
  • They create the yearly budgets for each of the other Departments, e.g. the Infrastructure Department, the Transportation Department, the Education Department, and all the others.
  • They work with the Council of Turien for Hero Ceremonies (and other continent-wide festivities)
You go off topic with Officer G's daughter. Save that for a different report.
Although you are writing an Observational Report, and adding in your own experiences is acceptable, showing off criminal behaviour is not acceptable.
This is unfit to be submitted as an academic resource.
Miss, I think I need a holiday.
    Council Notes
Find out how Mimi could have found a secret document (from a locked room) within 10 minutes and not have been discovered.

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