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Elven Waterfalls

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: The Waterfalls of Levinlea

Toilmonth the 20th, Year 52 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle

This isn't exactly what I meant when I asked for a holiday, Tish would have been a much better companion that Taegrin to take to the Elven Waterfalls of Levinlea.
Your request for a holiday wasn't accepted. Though, I did hear that it was odd for KLO-1s to go
to the Waterfalls of Levinlea to report on a natural wonder that has stood the test of time. Regardless, you
should be lucky to have accompanied me as I have much more knowledge on the waters than that Tish person.
Tish is amazing Elf and she could be the next Palace Architect, so you better watch your mouth.
The Forest Elf Palace currently reflects much of the light from the water (and plants
underneath the water, as well as the dragonfish in the water) from the white of the purest stone. How could she do any better
than the current Palace Architect - who has been improving the design over the last thousand years, by the way?
Ah, Tish can make super pretty metal designs carved into the stone. Didn't you read my report on her
Stone Baked Bread Ceremony?
The one with the dirty napkins? I was not going to touch that.
... But if she is that good with metal, then, maybe... wait - not Tish Mish? The apprentice of the current Palace
Architect? He didn't even accept an apprentice for 600 years before she came along!
Yah. She is awesome. And before you even ask me to introduce you to her - she's gonna be here in
five minutes, so I can do so then.

Forest Elf Palace

Levinlea was rumoured to be the one who brought up the Forest Elf Palace from within the waterfall. A better rumour was told by ... a Naiad from the Tam River about the two lovers of Nymfoaline, Levin and Lea.
  Levin lived at the top of the waterfall in a small hut made from his own earth magic and the dried twigs of their Dryad friends. Lea lived near the bottom of the waterfall and looked after the Naiad twins that would become Hero's one day (though I should talk about them another time). Nymfoaline was another Elf, with patches of gold all over her skin, and a really great sense of fashion that brought them out well. Levin and Lea both fell for her, and when they found out the other was also trying to court her, they tried to woo her with gifts that matched her golden complexion.
  It become a fierce battle of gifting and magic. They each sought to show her that they could provide for her by building a house so pure it would reflect her golden hues. This led Lea up the waterfall and Levin down the waterfall. In the middle of the waterfall, they stood face to face and tried to outdo each other.
  In the end, by combining both of their skills, they made the first Elven Palace jutting out from the waterfall. In the end though, Nymfoaline had gotten bored of their silent arguments and lived with another Elf as life-long partner. (Then there's a story about the origins of the building of the Punishment Tower, but, that too, can be left for another time.)
One, that is ridiculous. The palace was specifically made to shine brighter than any other building in order to highlight the prestige of the Forest Elf Royal Family. Just as the stone is whiter the greater the purification magic is, the whiter the hair of a Forest Elf shows their nobility and closeness to the Royal Family.
Two, say what their skills are and how they bring the reflections of the water. Such as the base of the Palace that sits insidethe waterfall has been specifically curated to prmote the growth of the light-giving coral that only grows through the waterfall. Or that the stone has been painted with a smell that brings more dragonfish closer, thus having more light reflected from their scales.
So you aren't that close to the Royal Family if your hair is brown then?
It's the opposite! My hair has much more white in it than most Elves! My father was one of the High Nobility and so I could be part of them too, if I trained my magic over the next few hundred years. I even have an artifact to prove my lineage. It even incorporates a dragonfish scale, which is quite rare and only for the High Nobilty and Royalty as dragonfish are a protected species from the rest of the Realm. Of course, after recieving this I went to research all about it and after finding Reagan's notes on dragonfish I decided to become a Knowledge Liaison Officer (KLO) instead.
Ah, is that why you smelt fishy that first time I met you?

Speaking of Fish

There are dragonfish that live in the waters of the Elven Waterfall. They have colourful scales that reflect light, with each scale being a few centimetres in length. Each fish can grow to an average 45 centimetres.
  The fish are different to fish that live in the Ocean as they go against the current, and swin up the waterfall. They also swim together, in schools of between 50 to 100 fish. Each school swims in such a way that they look like a wingless Dragon-kin wriggling up the waterfall.
  There's a few lookouts near the bottom of the waterfall that let you see the fish up close, but not close enough to get wet. Tish met us here. Then she was able to take us into the special reserved track through the waterfall. There is just one, somewhat hidden, place where you can do this. The water gets louder and louder and then suddenly it's like you're in a land bubble behind the water. There are a couple of shafts from here that go into the cave systems behind the waterfall and up into the Palace. Thus, only service people like Palace Architechs can go here.
You say the waterfall was loud, yet you were laughing so loudly, and much more loudly as you got closer to the water. I'm surprised you stayed in your skin and didn't merge with the waterfall.
Ah ~ the water is so lovely ~ But I didn't think that you of all people wouldn't know? That it's bad for a Naiad of the Depths to go in water above sea level.
What? I thought the Depths was just basically an address for the Naiads who lived in the lower part of the River Tam. Normally, only a Naiad can go into the waterfall if they are being watched. But, there are the Elven CN Guard who are always on the lookout for any Nymphs who come by, and then keeping watch over them so as they don't harm themselves or the environment.
Wow, you are lacking intel.
Then tell me. Later though, I've nearly finished filling this notebook from everything Tish is saying.
Ooh, let me have our bits! Or at least a copy of them.

Some Numbers

  • The waterfall is 3 km tall
  • The waterfall is 500 metres wide
  • There are three cave systems under the waterfall (one is the Palace, one is the route of the dragonfish and one is unrelated that goes to the Ocean).


I wouldn't be surprised if there was as many myths surrounding the Waterfall of Levinlea as there are about Aunt May's Source Tree. Tish is an amazing architech and I will be happy to write observational reports on her progress when she takes over as Palace Architech one day. I'm a bit sad I can't swim with the dragonfish.

Supervisor Feedback

Although having your notes as an extra resource is one thing, sticking your notes onto the page as a part of your actual report is another thing entirely.
Thank you for curbing your tangent and leaving out (of this report) the twin Naiad Heros.
Please go back to previous feedback notes about what is acceptable in your conclusion.
I will keep you in mind when we interview Tish in the future.
  Council Notes
Why is it always the strange ones that have such good ties to people with (or the potential to have) the abilities to make a difference in Turien (yeah, I'm looking at you Lucas).


Author's Notes

The images of Mimi and Taegrin's faces were created using Artbreeder.

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