Hisashi Juju (寿 寿々)

Priestess of Good Fortune


It is said that the legendary Beast of Good Fortune, Kotobuki, took twelve students: one for each animal of the Zodiac. Hisashi Juju is one such pupil. Imbued with a tiny piece of divinity from her teacher, Juju is capable of influencing luck very slightly in those around her. As a gregarious, people-loving kyūso by nature, this suits her just fine. Juju delights in traveling, seeing the world, and making it just a little bit better by her presence.   Unlike most of her peer pupils, Juju is particularly materialistic. It would not take long for an enterprising kyūso to realize the slight edge her sliver of divinity offers in the public market. As such, Juju has delved into studying matters of trade and coin. It's not merely a hobby for her, but a spiritual experience. Trade, growth, plenty; these are all aspects of good fortune which she has not overlooked. It's perhaps not surprising, then, that such devotion led her into the worship of Ōkuninushi.   A devout priestess, a cunning trader, and a well of good luck, some might find Juju the perfect ally. She is not without flaws, however, with most couched in her difficulty with details. Oh, Juju can tally numbers and pay attention to inventory just fine, but when it comes to the actual people she works with, she tends to be forgetful and distant. Juju's a big-picture mouse, and while she loves people as a whole, actually dealing with each individual person has never seemed as important to her.   After a dispute over a large amount of money lost in a bet at the Mōri Clan's Martial Arts Tournament, Hisashi Juju ended up taking an investment of capital from Fubuki. Even more exciting was the promise this stranger offered: that of being able to work in a flying casino. This string of events resulted in Juju effectively joining the Matsumoto Family as a financial manager.   

Unique Abilities

Blessing - Minor Good Fortune: Juju's blessing is not as powerful as a true deity of good fortune, but it does produce a slight positive effect on the luck of those around her. All creatures within the radius of Juju's aura have their range to Open Roll increased by 1. In addition, events are slightly more likely to play out in favorable ways, per the GM's discretion, as though all affected creatures had the Fortunate advantage.


Contacts & Relations

  • Student of Kotobuki
General Rank
General Type
Year of Birth
1360 199 Years old
Biological Sex
Blue, precocious
White, medium, natural
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
110 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations

Character Portrait image: 白トラ by 妖怪名取


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