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Corvil Ranking System

The Corvil Ranking System was created by Vin Corvil as a way to try and measure one's potential as well as assign a threat ranking to individuals. This is a system used mainly by Bull's Army as it is written here, and a lesser variation is used by The Resistance. It was designed for Bull's Army, however it has since been adopted by many others.   This system created ranks according to specific known powers and simply tallies up these ranks up to a grand total. It takes into account the 6 Demon Powers, Origin Powers, as well as Abstract Powers. It is used for the purpose of properly assigning squadmates to jobs as well as knowing which individuals are known, unknown, or worth studying. This system is generally used on a Great Human. Sometimes the system is used on Demons, but this is uncommon as they are often times not associated with any particular association, and Bull's Army does not view them as necessary for any ranking.  

The Ranking System: Part 1 (Mandatory)

  The system consists of four main parts. The first part takes into account the user's Energy, specifically their Capacity and Regeneration. A low score in this almost guarantees that one will not be accepted into any rank in an organization unless they have something else about them that makes their employment worthwhile.  

Low Capacity

The user has an incredibly lower than average Capacity, prohibiting proper power usage, forcing the user to rely on weak powers.
The user is ranked from 1 to 5   1 = Low Capacity   5 = High Capacity

High Capacity

The user's Capacity is much higher than normal, allowing them to use their powers more times than most, with added strength.

Slow Regeneration

The user regenerates Energy much slower than average, and they are not able to maintain prolonged use of their powers.
The user is ranked from 1 to 5   1 = Slow Regeneration   5 = Quick Regeneration

Quick Regeneration

The user regenerates Energy at a near-infinite rate, which allows them to maintain prolonged use of their abilities.

This first part is graded up to a maximum of 10 points.  

The Ranking System: Part 2 (Mandatory)

  The third stage considers the user's Demon Powers, as these are guaranteed to appear in any Great Human this ranking system is used for. The user is assigned a number corresponding to the highest rank of the ability they have achieved.   It is worth noting that anything labelled as a U rank is counted as extra. These are not included in the main ranks. So as seen in Healing, the ranks do not go up to 12 but only up to 10. Anything in U ranks are added on afterwards.

Healers (as of V 2.1)

  1. C/B. Self-Heal (Minor)
  2. C/B. Health Regeneration (Minor)
  3. A. Group-Heal (Minor)
  4. A. Self-Heal (Major)
  5. S. Health Regeneration (Major)
  6. S. Group-Heal (Major)
  7. S. Surgical (Minor)
  8. S. Surgical (Major)
  9. S. Revival (Minor)
  10. S. Revival (Major)
  11. U. Immortality (Minor)
  12. U. Immortality (Major)
Total is counted out of 10, with 2 points extra.

Telepaths (as of V 2)

  1. <C. Close-Range Telepathy (Minor)
  2. <C. Close-Range Telepathy (Major)
  3. C. Mindscape Control (Minor)
  4. B. Mind-Reading
  5. B. Ranged Telepathy (Minor)
  6. A. Ranged Telepathy (Major)
  7. A. Mindscape Infiltration (Minor)
  8. A. Mind Blocks
  9. S. Mindscape Infiltration (Major)
  10. S. Mindscape Control (Major)
  11. U. Mindscape Destruction
Total is counted out of 10, with 1 point extra.

Sensors (as of V 2)

  1. C/B. Energy Masking (Minor)
  2. A. Energy Masking (Major)
  3. A. Energy Locating (Minor)
  4. A. Energy Locating (Major)
  5. S. Energy Tracking
  Total is counted out of 5.

Transports (as of V 1)

  1. C/B. Self-Transport
  2. B. Object Transport (Minor)
  3. B. Object Transport (Major)
  4. A. Living Transport (Minor)
  5. S. Living Transport (Major)
  Total is counted out of 5.

Turns (as of V 2)

  1. <C. Illusion (Minor)
  2. C. Illusion (Major)
  3. B. Substitution (Minor)
  4. B. Substitution (Major)
  5. B/A. Spacial Turn (Minor)
  6. A. Imaginary
  7. A. Transformation (Minor)
  8. S. Transformation (Major)
  9. U. Spacial Turn (Major)
  Total is counted out of 8, with 1 point extra.

Barriers (as of V 2)

  1. C/B. Self-Barrier (Minor)
  2. A. Group-Barrier (Minor)
  3. A. Self-Barrier (Major)
  4. S. Group-Barrier (Major)
  5. U. Perfect Barrier (Minor)
  6. U. Perfect Barrier (Major)
  Total is counted out of 4, with 2 points extra.

  The grade for this section is given out of 42 points, with 6 possible extra points. Meaning that with a full score in everything, the user would be given a score of 48/42. 42 points is counted as the maximum for average and above average ability potential. It is currently impossible to get a full 42/42 using only the S and below rankings. No Human has ever gotten a perfect score across the board in all Demon Powers. It is theoretically possible to get a score higher than 42 in this portion (not that it has ever been done), however that is reserved for above average, dangerous, and generally unknown individuals.

The Ranking System: Part 3 (Optional)

  This section is optional, and is only done if the user has any sort of Origin Powers.   Next, the user's Origin Powers are taken into account. A Great Human has only ever been recorded with at most one Origin Power, but in the event that multiple Origin Powers ever manifest themselves in any user, they are simply ranked for both abilities and the scores are added together.   Origin Powers are graded along a scale going from 0 to 10. A 0 on the user's score means they have no Origin Powers to speak of. The scale goes as follows:  
  1. <C. Shows little or almost no potential, but has it.
  2. C. Can maintain ability for a short duration.
  3. C. Slightly longer sustained use than the rank before.
  4. B. Maintains ability for extended periods of time.
  5. B. Exhibits decent control over the ability in a variety of ways.
  6. A. Exceptional control over the ability in a variety of ways.
  7. A. Exhibits destructive potential.
  8. A. Massive destructive potential.
  9. S. Perfect control as a weapon of mass destruction.
  10. S. Unknown or too dangerous to be anything else.
  An additional 1 point is added on top of the score according to what generation the user is a descendant of an Origin Power. Having no additional points means the user is the first of their lineage. Having 1 point to start means they are the child of the original Origin Power user in the family. This section is the only one with a limitless amount of extra points.   The Origin Power ranks are still very rough, and unfortunately due to the nature of Origin Powers, it does not seem possible to be able to rank this without some sort of bias on whether or not the individual is dangerous. Being in control and having no control can be either good or bad, and since Origin Powers offer nothing aside from killing potential for the ranking system, their danger level is based off the bias of the one doing the judging.

The Ranking System: Part 4 (Optional)

  This section, like part 3, is also optional, and is only done if the user has any sort of Abstract Powers.   In the final portion, the user's Abstract Powers are taken into account. The user is graded on six different scales, often times in comparison to other known abilities, or according to the power that is needed. Each section here is graded out of 5 points, with a total of 30 points possible. A 0 across the board means the user has no Abstract Powers to grade.   This section is actually used commonly to rank Demons, and is the only portion of this test actually used on them.  


This ability brings no harm to any being, including the user. It is completely safe to use this ability, and it has no drawbacks in usage.
The user is ranked from 1 to 5   1 = Harmless   5 = World-Ender


This ability has killed too many to count, and could possibly destroy the world and themselves if the user wished it so.


The user is able to perfectly control their ability and keep it stable.
The user is ranked from 1 to 5   1 = Controlled   5 = Uncontrolled


The user has no control over their ability whatsoever. It works as it pleases.


This ability cannot be used in any practical setting, and serves no purpose in any walk of life.
The user is ranked from 1 to 5   1 = Useless   5 = Resourceful


This ability can be used for a multitude of tasks as well as used in many different ways.


This power cannot be used in any combination with any other power, whether it be from the user or another party.
The user is ranked from 1 to 5   1 = Incompatible   5 = Compatible


This power works perfectly in combination with any other, and it cannot be cancelled by another power.


The user is the only one capable of using this power. It is individual to them and nobody aids in the usage of it. It is reliant on the user's own energy to fuel it.
The user is ranked from 1 to 5   1 = Solitary   5 = Assisted


The user is entirely supported by another, whether it be Demon or Human, in using this power. The user is not the only energy source fueling its use.

Slow Recovery

The user must rest after using this ability, and the recovery period is too long to allow them into any dangerous situation.
The user is ranked from 1 to 5   1 = Slow Recovery   5 = Quick Recovery

Quick Recovery

The user's recovery period after using powers is instantaneous and they suffer no downtime after prolonged use.

A Summary + Examples

  A user with the highest maximum amount of points in both mandatory sections would receive 10 points for section 1 (by adding the two categories) and then 48 points for section 2 (by adding the 42 points for the normal categories and then adding 6 points extra for the U ranks). The 10 points from section 1 are added to the normal points of section 2, and the score would look like a 58 / 52. The 52 does not change, this will be explained in the following sections.   Continuing from there, if the user would have gotten a maximum for any sort of Origin Powers, they receive 10 points on top of their previous score, giving them a 68 / 52. The scale would be done individually for any Origin Power present. This is not taking into account any additional points from the number of generations the Origin Power has been passed down.   And finally, if the user has any Abstract Powers, they will have achieved the maximum possible score of a 30 in the last section, bringing the score up to 98 / 52. This is the absolute highest any individual can be ranked, and is currently impossible to reach. No Great Human has this score, and anyone would would achieve such a score would surely bring about the end of the world.  
  • A user of C rank is (on average) graded at around 8 - 12 / 52 points. *
  • A user of B rank is (on average) graded at around 17 - 23 / 52 points. *
  • A user of A rank is (on average) graded at around 26 - 29 / 52 points. *
  • A user of S rank is (on average) graded at around 43 - 47 / 52 points. *
  • A user of U rank is (on average) graded at around 52 points and above. *
  * These ranks are relative and only based off current averages of individual applicants in Bull's Army and do not account for any exceptions such as exceptionally high ranks in few abilities, multiple generations of Origin Powers, the usual Demon Power ranks, and multiple optional tests. Users who achieve a specific rank on the test may not receive the same rank squad in the field. Users who exceed averages are given additional tests at later dates after seeing them out in the field after the first application. Users suspected of concealing volatile abilities are given routine tests that may have different results each time.   Another important exception to note is that this ranking system is designed in such a way that achieving low scores in the first two mandatory sections does not immediately spell out low rank work. If a user bombs the first two sections but they have an exceptional Origin or Abstract Power, or even both, they have a chance to redeem themselves and possibly earn a spot in a much higher ranking squad than they initially would have placed in. The high maximum score was designed in a way that even with potentially all 0s in the mandatory sections, any individual can have a good Origin or Abstract Power to back them up.

Creation Year


Current Version


Ranked Users

Vin Corvil

A Quick Summary

Part 1 (Mandatory)

  Capacity 0 - 5   Regeneration 0 - 5   Total: ? / 10

Part 2 (Mandatory)

  Healers 1 - 10 (U + 2)   Telepaths 1 - 10 (U + 1)   Sensors 1 - 5   Transports 1 - 5   Turns 1 - 8 (U + 1)   Barriers 1 - 4 (U + 2)   Total: ? (U + 6) / 42

Part 3 (Optional)

  Threat 0 - 10   +1 per Generation

Part 4 (Optional)

  Danger 0 - 5   Control 0 - 5   Usefulness 0 - 5   Compatibility 0 - 5   Assistance 0 - 5   Recovery 0 - 5

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