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Charles Briggston | Member Since 15 Jan, 2019
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Demon Forest Song

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I personally prefer skeletons to flesh, that's why I'm here.   I'm a mere writer by hobby. I warn you, many of my pages are written at around 3-5am. That's my excuse for any and all errors. While I'm on here mainly to archive my worlds a bit easier, I accept any and all critiques on anything I post. I'm looking to improve the basic skeleton of my world before getting more serious about it. I try to add something here every day, but because of college and life I might be more than a little infrequent about adding new pages. But hey, hope you enjoy!

Interests & Hobbies

I draw and play video games in my free time. Instead of sleeping I build Tsilanda, and instead of eating I make mistakes in the lore and search frantically through my dozens of notebooks wondering "How could this happen to me?"