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The town of Chirin on Dimar sits on both sides of the river Dimar. In the last age a bridge that could be raised provided easy access between the two sides while not blocking the river traffic. But the bridge was destroyed during the years of darkness, and while the original footings remain, the new bridge is a simple wooden affair that blocks any large boats from passing.


  • Human 40%
  • Halfling 20%
  • Gnome 20%
  • Dragonborn 10%
  • Shifter 5%
  • Other 5%


The town is independent and is ruled via an unusual practice known as democracy. The rulers of the town are chosen on a regular basis through a popularity contest, voted for by the people living in the town. With decisions being made via committee, there are few changes made in the town's laws and policies, and those that are made tend to happen slowly.   Voting is restricted to those who live in the town, are registered as living at an address in the town for at least 5 years, and have paid taxes in town for at least 2 years.   Nominees are required to have lived in the town, be registered, and paid taxes for at least 5 years. The address they live at must be in the area they intend to represent. And they must have been registered at an address in the same area for the last 5 years. In addition, they must pay 100gp and be nominated by 10 other people who are eligible to vote in their area.   There are no rules against paying people for votes, but a situation where a hated representative tried to bribe people for votes, only for them to use the bribes to sponsor another candidate has led to some caution in this area. Intimidation is not permitted. Not because of the electoral rules, but because threatening someone is a crime.   Councillors hold their position for 4 years. Once vacated a council place remains open until at least one person is nominated for the post. This has meant that at times the seats for some of the poorer areas have remained vacant for years. The council members elect a high Councillor who leads negotiations with other parties.


With little to no support from the council or the wealthy, there are no large churches in Chirin. A small group of priests, mostly followers of Seyr, maintain a small healing house (Mallory Centre for Healing). This is funded through charging for healing services and the sale of healing potions.   There are inns on either side of the river. The Dueling Mouse on the west and Edwin's Rest on the east. The Mouse caters towards wealthy patrons while Edwin's is used by the common travellers. There are also various ale houses including Sullivan's, The Boar and Bear, and The Flotsam. Sullivan's's is known as the place to find mercenaries and Sullivan helps make the arrangements with prospective employers (for a small fee).  


The farmland to the west of Chirin is populated by humans, halflings and gnomes. Each of the races have their own villages, but are willing to trade with each other. The villages have been petitioning for a seat on the council, but while the council isn't against the idea the details are taking a long time to sort out.


  • Chirin-on-Dimar

Crime and Punishment

The town guard are mostly there to keep things peaceful, patrolling the market and other gathering places. As long as it doesn't happen in public most of the guards won't get involved. There is a small unit that investigates crimes and attempts to limit the power of the gangs. This unit employs a number of specialists to deal with trouble and they occasionally post bounties on particularly dangerous criminals.   Punishments for crimes are administered quickly and severely.
  • Theft - loss of a hand.
  • Murder - death.
  • Assault - flogging or loss of a hand.
  • Drunk and disorderly - flogging but can be avoided by paying a 1 gp fine.
  • Failure to pay taxes - flogging and must pay twice the amount originally owed.
3 former senior guards judge cases, though most of the time there is little to do bar pass a sentence. A sentence can be appealed if a fine of a gold is paid. It is generally known that a payment of 10gp can make a crime go away.
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The time before the years of darkness

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