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Camor Keep

Camor Keep is the residence of the Elven royalty in the capital city of Camor. It is a golden structure that towers over the gilded city.  


Meiriris Nerifir by Jarhed
The solid gold walls that stretch over the city are carved with runes that stretch from the top to the bottom in Draconic.   Few Elves know the meaning of these runes, as it is very rare to find an Elf who reads Draconic. They were put there by Vecna, God of Secrets. The runes supposedly guarantee power to the one that rules over Camor Keep, as well as those that share their blood. It was meant to be for Vecna and his Demi Gods.   Some say that in a way it still applies to the Children of Whispers, while others say it applies instead to the Nerifir Royal Family that now rules the castle.  

Castle Gates

The gates of the castle are one of the few things not visibly made of gold on the exterior, instead being made of wood chopped down from trees in the Elven Forest. The finest trees were surveyed and cut down by experts to craft the door, and it has withstood even the worst weather conditions.   The gates are not locked on Camor Keep because there are three gates that must be passed to even get into the Royal District where Camor Keep is, and then one must get past the guards at the gate itself. However, due to the royals wishing to wander the district, they do not lock the actual gate of the Keep.  


The walls of Camor Keep stretch incredibly high into the sky. Due to this, the balconies that lie at the very top, near the top spire, can look out over all of the Elven Kingdom. The legend goes that one can see the farthest reaches of the Elven Forest, as the God Asmodeus made sure to build it tall enough to see everything he controlled.   It is said that Elven monarchs stand atop the balcony when they go to war with their neighbors, keeping track of the war from their castle without needing to meddle. Some Kings and Queens have fought, while others prefer to stay off of the battlefield.  


There are stables where some few animals are kept. Every royal Elf is given a horse when they are born which grows alongside them, but they are also given the symbolic animal of the Elven Kingdom: a Lion. Therefore, one can find Lions in the Camor Keep stables as well.  
"The Royal Lions are taken out by the Queen in the annual parade. Every day that surrounds that, the lions are hidden away where even the Princes and Princesses cannot find them."
  There is also a dovecote where doves and pigeons are kept, though it mostly exists as a status symbol and nothing more.  


The interior walls are mostly made of gold, though some few rooms have been either painted, covered in wallpaper, or blocked off with stone bricks to give the aesthetic of a more traditional castle.  

Throne Room

The throne room of Camor Keep is a golden room with a large throne and a red carpet leading from the gate to the throne. Little else is in the room, as it is meant to show simply the grandeur of the Elven royalty. Guests are not normally allowed to step off of the red carpet, as they are not meant to touch the golden floor.
Selene by Jarhed
  The Camor Throne itself is large enough to fit a God in their large avatar state. Due to this, there is a smaller throne atop the larger throne where the monarch can actually sit. The larger throne, known as the Divine Seat, now stands as a symbolic force to intimidate enemies of the throne.  


There are very few places that are not official temples to Gods yet still hold enough blessings for a God or Goddess to appear. The Chapel in Camor Keep, however, is one of those places.   This is due, in part, to the jealous Goddess Sehanine herself. Sehanine wants as many places as possible where she can manifest, and in doing so she found a loophole to allow herself a second technical temple.   She only appears when the reigning monarch enters the Chapel most of the time, though the Crown Prince or youngest child can also sometimes get her to appear in some rare cases.  

Great Hall

Connected to the throne room is a great hall, where tables can be placed for feasts, or balls can be held when turned into a ballroom. Balls are held often for nobles but also for visiting royals or dignitaries from foreign nations.   There is a tapestry in the Great Hall/Ballroom that is decorated with the rich history of the royal Nerifir family. It is unknown who made the tapestry, nor is it clear under which monarch the tapestry was commissioned.
Guldin Nerifir by Jarhed


There is a kitchen with some connecting rooms that leads to the Great Hall. It features multiple rooms, including a pantry to store food, the larder where frozen food is kept in enchanted ice chests, and a beerhall for ale and wine.   The kitchen itself is enchanted with wind that keeps everything floating over it to not stain the gold. All people that enter float a few inches off the ground, and all items placed on tables, counters, or the floor float as well. Therefore, nothing can spill in this room, for it will simply hover and never truly fall.   The enchantment was put in place by Farlias Nerifir, the Beloved King, who wanted to improve conditions for his people. He knew that the nobles would always be angry about spills, so he instead decided to hire enchanters from Yirthum to make sure spills would not happen in the room.  

Painting Room

Adorning the wall of one room of Camor Keep, where tour guides take all guests, is a painting of every single Elven monarch. All of them are in golden frames except for one: Lorenas Nerifir, known better as the Half-Elven pretender king Fleat Pteethtack. Fleat stands out as he is one that the Elves do not wish to accept as a King. Strangely, however, the Queen of the Scarlet Mist is in a golden frame despite her similar place in history.   This room was made by Orithea Nerifir, suggested to her by her "dear friend" Ayluin Operaneth. Ayluin was a musician who dabbled in art, but had many artist friends, and suggested to Orithea that they paint her and her children when they are ready to take the throne. She added that she should find old paintings of her mother and grandmother, and Ayluin agreed.  


There are barracks near the throne room where guards and soldiers who are guarding the royal family are meant to sleep. There are beds, tables for dining and recreation, as well as some rooms for them to spar with training dummies or each other. When not on duty, the soldiers are not allowed to bring weapons out into the throne room. Due to this, guards normally do not leave through the Throne Room after they are reassigned, instead jumping out the barracks window to avoid breaking the rules.   The Barracks were made because Guldin Nerifir, the Hero King who served in the Elven Guard during his reign, heard complaints from his friends in the army that they had to sleep in the Noble District when they were on duty in the Royal District, and that getting through the three gates to get there everytime was inconvenient. Guldin even assigned himself to their duty at some point to see their conditions and make sure they were up to standard. He said of this:
"There is no better way to make conditions for soldiers fit for a King than to have the King himself be a soldier of his own right."
— Guldin Nerifir

Bed Chambers

The final room of importance is the bed chambers of the royal family and their advisors. The bed chamber where the King and Queen stay is gold, but those of their children and close advisors are instead lined with stone bricks to be more in the line of Dwarven or Human castles.   The bedsheets are woven from the finest silk from the Jihdi Empire, and the pillows are said to be fluffed hourly to keep them as soft as possible. The legends say that there are no greater beds than the ones in the royal bed chambers of Camor Keep.

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