Unclaimed Lands

The original Unclaimed Lands area is (c) Frog God Games.
The Unclaimed Lands are the uncontrolled feudal lands north of the Great Amrin River and west of the Glimmerrill Run until it reaches the Lyre Valley to the northeast. A few self-styled counts and barons rule in castles over a scattering of manor houses and small villages, and small groups of nomadic Erskaelosi wander here and there, but the region is mostly given over to wild forests, unexplored hills, and uncultivated meadowland. Several small tributaries flow from the Unclaimed Lands to the Great Amrin and the Glimmerrill, some of which are deep enough to allow trade by raft or even keelboat.


Grain, mercenaries, livestock (sheep), wool, plunder.


The Unclaimed Lands were conquered by Oerson in the early days of the Atlantean invasion, and benefited greatly from Atlantean government under the Empire. However, after the dark years following the Empire’s fall, the civilizing influence of the Kingdoms of Foere never sufficiently reached across the Great Amrin River to the Unclaimed Lands, and the region has remained little improved throughout the Foerdewaith hegemony. New roads were never built, taxes were never standardized, no common currency was introduced, and trade never rebuilt itself. With a few exceptions, the Unclaimed Lands remains a window upon the dark age following the Fall of the Atlantean Empire.

Demography and Population

Approximately 33,700 total population.   96% human, 2% elf, 1% smallfolk, 1% other.


The Unclaimed Lands have no defined borders, representing an area unclaimed by any of its neighboring states. As a general rule, it is considered to be the area north of the Great Amrin and west of the Glimmerrill Run, extending northeastward toward Westden.

Geopolitical, State
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
The Borderlands
Neighboring Nations

Notable Settlements

Amrinbridge Fortress, Turpin


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