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A crystal found in a mine on the northern part of the Kesser Province that acts as an Arcane Reservoir that can hold an immense amount of Nature Energy.


Material Characteristics

The Kesserite crystal grows in clusters, typically containing multiple short and stubby crystals surrounding one long one protruding from the middle. It is solid and smooth like glass with a hexagonal shape on each crystal.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The crystal is slightly warm to the touch regardless of where it is located at at the time. If in a hot area it will absorb the heat surrounding it.

Geology & Geography

The material has only been found in the Kesser Province thus far in a mine on the northern side.

History & Usage


The crystal was originally found by the Akama tribe but was simply ignored as it didn't appear to hold any significant properties. It was by mere chance as a wizard that worked for Grimm happened to find it and begin to study its properties alongside his temporary partner a man by the name of Brom.   They discovered it was an Arcane Reservoir of minor charge but also realized it could specifically hold immense amounts of energy from the Nature waves of the T'elrov Band . They shared this information with some Grimm researchers who approached the Karis Church in getting funding for it.

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