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Raiser Manifestos

Interested in the world, huh? I've just the thing. Friend of mine is from Varrzaxadh, you see, and they gave me a few copies of some history books there. An excellent starter for learning about our friends across the lake. You can have these two, they're my spares. Please enjoy, and maybe pass on that extra copy of yours to another friend interested in this topic!
— Ibza Xüfonzayo "Fan of History"
There are many Raiser communities throughout central Thurásin, but one thing that links them all together is their desire to see equality and democracy brought to all countries in the region. In order to spread their message, they make frequent use of manifestos.


Raiser manifestos and texts have existed for as long as Raisers themselves, beginning early in the Era of Disturbance. One of the key events which sparked their rise was the abdication of King Xauko XI of Varrzaxadh in the year 3 Disturbance. This act made Varrzaxadh's transition to democracy complete, and shone a light on the actions of the remaining absolute monarchs of central Thurásin. In particular the actions of the monarch of Dätsalöl were criticised, viewed as being tyrannical.   New Raiser communities spread throughout the region, and with them came written manifestos criticising the rule of the various monarchs they lived under. Despite the popularity of written text, the one successful Raiser rebellion did not begin in that form, with the message spread orally by prominent community members such as Zherla Ro Ündögzhar. This rebellion notably led to the independence of Kse Feorton.
Statement, Political (Manifesto)


While small victories have been claimed in various countries, one where Raisers see work being needed is that of Ibza Xüfonz. Its current Grand Prince, Ünivis III, has been disliked ever since his ascension in 25 Return, and has cracked down on the presence of Raisers and their literature.   A common tactic for sharing manifestos is to hide them within history books, typically about Varrzaxadh or Kse Feorton. While successful, the Grand Prince is getting wise, and it won't be long before a new method is needed.
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I love that they hide their manifestos (currently) in history books. Very apt.

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