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Muna Shonyul

Lady Muna Idena Shonyul

If his Imperial Majesty is as concerned about the power of the Duke as he appears, than he has made a grave miscalculation. He is afraid of the wrong Shonyul.
— Lord Fereon Ishir
Lady Muna Shonyul is the eldest daughter of Duke Hintero of Shonyul, and heiress to the duchy. In recent years she has taken a larger role in managing the family affairs.


Muna was born in 383 AC to Hintero Shonyul and his first wife, Marchioness Muna of Emaldo. Her status as the first and most senior great-grandchild of Emperor Treveon II, and therefore being third in line for the throne behind her father and grandmother, made her birth quite an event.
  Her early years were uneventful, though she was given an education more befitting a princess than mere duke's daughter. She had four younger siblings, and doted especially on her youngest brother Pazeon, who was born in 390. That sadly did not last, as she, her mother, and her siblings were caught in a boat accident in Fovenis Lake. While the younger Muna was able to swim to safety with three of her siblings, the elder Muna and Pazeon were not so lucky, with rescuers unable to save them.
  Muna's closeness to her late mother led her to oppose her father's subsequent marriage to Countess Elion of Wardis in 391, and she showed a complete lack of interest in Elion's son born early the following year. While she gradually became close to her step-mother, no such thing occurred with her half-brother.
  Treveon II's shock adoption of Count Rumen of Powiton in 397 to serve as his successor, dislodging the Shonyul family, had little effect on Muna. Her father was furious, nearly bringing the Empire into civil war to defend his claim, but eventually deciding to support Rumen. It was suggested that Muna or her siblings could marry Rumen's future children to resolve the dispute, but this did not occur.
  Instead, Muna went on to marry Lord Fereon Ishir, eldest son of Duchess Larion of Ishir, in 403. This was despite Larion's objections, which Fereon roundly ignored. She had twins in 404, and another daughter in 416. She gained more political prominence after Hintero suffered a severe episode of Leskir Paralysis in 420.

Family Ties

Muna's father is the current Duke of Shonyul, Hintero, and through him is the eldest great-grandchild of Emperor Treveon II. Through the emperor's descendants, she is also the second cousin once removed of Prince Zaloren, eldest son of Emperor Brimeon IV. She has 3 living younger siblings - Marquis Daleon of Emaldo, Count Vusav Trindel, and Lady Kiani Huvenston. She had one half-brother through her father's second wife, Lord Brasteon Wardis, though he was declared deceased in absentia after disappearing in 410.
  She is married to Lord Fereon Ishir, eldest son of Duchess Larion, who is himself a senior descendant of a different Emperor, Brimeon III. With him, she has three kids - twins Hintero "Tero" and Elion, and younger daughter Muna.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Year of Birth
383 AC 42 Years old

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