The Vosti Imperial Family

Whether the Emperors and Empresses were ever truly in control of the Empire mattered not to the people who lived under them. They placed trust within their leaders to protect them. With the disappearance of the Imperial Family during The Separation, and with increasing elven aggression on their eastern borders, the people panicked.
It is only natural, then, that a new family might arise to take full control.
— Lani Koshidan, Telziado Royal Historian
The current Vosti Imperial Family are the reigning royalty of The Vosti Empire, having been in control since 326 AC.


The reigning Imperial Family can trace its ancestry to Zaloren the Conqueror, who united the Vosti people and began the Vosti Conquest in around 600 BC. This Conquest, over the span of the century, brought the entire continent under Vosti control.
In more recent times, the continent was less united. After The Collision separated the continent, the Republic of Skarhu became independent due to being unreachable. A little over a century later, the elven autonomous region of Waal Zaimyatl declared independence, furthering weakening the Empire. Under the previous reigning dynasty, in coalition with a burgeoning military, the remaining regions were kept under control.
The Separation brought an end to the previous dynasty, due to them visiting the elven plane at the wrong time. Left without their figurehead, the empire reeled. Many powerful nobles scrambled to find the individual who was closest related to the previous Empress.
Treveon, then a Colonel in the Vosti military, found her first. As a military commander, he has practically held power before The Separation. And with his marriage to the Marchioness of Ilnon, he could claim the proper authority of power. With her at his side, he claimed the throne of Emperor, and briefly stabilised the kingdom.
This did not last long, as many began to complain of his more militant style of leadership, and the increasing prevalence of the military. His adoption of a high ranking military officer as his son was the final straw, sparking the Vosti Civil War. Due to alliances with Skarhu and Waal Zaimyatl, the northern portion of the empire came under the control of the Kingdom of Telziad, under King Dravulean I.
The south remained under the Empire, and has become increasingly militaristic. The tradition of adopting high ranking military officials into the family has endured, though the current Emperor, Brimeon IV, has yet to adopt an heir in this fashion.

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Family Tree

Vosti Imperial Family
Many historians find it difficult to piece together who is related to who in the Vosti Imperial Family, due to the adoption and marriages of many military officials. Some highlights include-
  • During the time of Emperor Treveon I, there were two Marquis of Linaster at the same time. This is due to the defection of the eldest son to the side of the Telziado during the Vosti Civil War. Infuriated, Treveon decreed that his peerage be removed and given to his younger brother, who continued the Linaster line until its merger with the imperial line through Emperor Brimeon IV. The elder Linaster is considered to be the end of his bloodline as far as Vosti history is concerned, despite an abundance of living descendants who hold Telziado title.
  • Emperor Brimeon IV, through his first stepfather the Marquis of Linaster, is married to his second cousin, the Duchess of Yantrum. Via his second step-father, former Emperor Treveon II, she is also his niece.
  • The current Duke of Shonyul, Hintero, was initially married to his second cousin, Marchioness Muna of Emaldo. After her passing, he remarried to Countess Elion of Wardis, who he isn't related to.
  • Duke Hintero's youngest son, Lord Brandeon Wardis, was engaged to his second cousin, Lady Stelia Flinarzon. This betrothal was annulled in 414 AC, due to Wardis being declared dead in absentia after his disappearance in 410. Lady Stelia has since married Marquis Noyem of Ilnon, who she is not related to.
  • Marquis Paiyatl of Skardel is the first elf to be a member of the broader Imperial family (aside from his children), after his marriage to Marquis Gloreon in 390 AC.
  • The eldest child of the Marquis Skardel, Payima, is engaged to Baroness Yumi of Guarasi, who is the actual niece of Emperor Brimeon IV. This makes them first elf, half or otherwise, to be in the direct line of imperial succession in the event of tragedy, as the Baroness is 3rd in line for the throne.
  • The descendants of Emperor Brimeon III have remained remarkably disconnected to the lineages of his successors until recently, with the marriage of Lord Fereon Ishir and Lady Muna Shonyul, and the birth of their twin children. Another merger of these lines occurred with the marriage of Lady Yumi Kerinston and Marquis Daleon of Emaldo. The closest descendant of his to the throne, however, remains Lord Payima Skardel.
  • Due to the affects of adoption on imperial succession, there are a variety of claimants to the throne. There are three key members of this group - Marquis Iden of Ilnon (descended from Treveon I), Duchess Larion of Ishir (Brimeon III), and Duke Hintero of Shonyul (Treveon II). Others do exist, such as Duke Rumen of Kerinston (Brimeon III), whose claim is predicated on the perceived illegitimacy of Duchess Larion. None of these individuals actively claim the throne, but there are growing movements in support of their status as imperial heirs.

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