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Etzak is the only permanant settlement on the Tundra of Cassus, and one of the few places drow, humans, and merfolk interact on a daily basis. It is a trading settlement, and close enough to the coast that traders from the merfolk and any seafaring people can easily come to trade.


Equal ammounts of humans and drow, with the occational merfolk


No matter the time of year, one can always find at least three shops willing to trade. The wares are usually furs of the various animals that live on the tundra, many of which do not live anywhere else in Tilandrial.


The city was built to signify the end of the Cassus Hostilities [note: make into a page when able]. The project was spearheaded by a pair of best friends, a human named Etyswal and a drow named Zakarn. The pair had been raised together as brothers in a drow/human mixed clan that had taken no part in the hostilities until near the very end.


All of the buildings are made out of thick ice that does not melt even in the summer. Most of the furniture is made of bone covered in fur. Anything made of wood, even something as small as a cup, shows off one's wealth.


A swath of land that is permafrost and never melts even during the hotest of days. Thought to be one of the few areas in the far north that is near the ocean yet is actually land and not water that is permanently frozen over.
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Tundra of Cassus

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