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Signs you have been Bewitched

Reasons one may be bewitched

  Ultimately the reason one comes under the spell of a Witch is that they have caused one enough grief to warrant the effort the Witch has to put into the spell. This may vary from one individual to the next, in most cases involves some form of (perceived) slight against the character or image of the Witch, such as not paying the proper amount of respect, talking of them disrespectfully, or simply refusing to behave in her presence.   More rarely, a person may have acted against the interests of a Witch. This can involve intentional sabotaging or destroying her garden, or unintentionally disturbing any longer term projects in or around her hut. The reason this is far more rare than potential slights, is that people local to the area usually know better than to offend their local witch and outsiders simply do not have enough potential points of contact to accidentally offend a witch.   More ardent supporters of the inquisition may actively seek out to hunt Witches, but usually even if the local populace can be made sympathetic to such a cause, there is no quicker to be marked by the Thrash than to actively try to kill a practitioner of the old ways.  

Early signs

  Usually, bewitched individuals start feeling drowsy within around 8 hours of the spell taking hold. Rather insidiously, this early period is also the time when it is easiest to break the spell by force, though not many would even realise that they are bewitched at this point.   In the case of particularily intricate or strong curses, the bewitched may experience additional symptoms including but not limited to nausea, headaches, increased hunger and thirst, blurred vision or nosebleeds though never also occuring with fever or coughs, which are the primary ways of ruling out bewitching as a cause of these things.  

Full list of potential symptoms

  Once the initial spell subsides, the symptoms lessen though a bewitched person may remain more vulnerable to other sickness until the curse is lifted.   While some bewitchments are only minor grievances, such as itching of skin that will never really go away or constantly bad body odor, more aggressive curses can significantly lessen ones quality of life, such as back pain that does not ever fade fully, lame legs, shaking palsy or even illnesses of the mind such as delusions, phobias or insanity.   The most elaborate curses, which are usually reserved for those that caught the permanent and deeprooted hatred of a Witch may even include more complex maladies such as unending hunger, infertility, muteness, loss of vision and partial transformation into beasts of the wild, such as the growing of hide or scale, which can worsen over time.  

Potential cures

  The primary path one can pursue to rid themselves of a Witches curse is to make peace with the Witch in question, seeking reparation for his past infractions and having her lift the curse voluntarily. In this case most symptoms can reverse to a significant degree, altough damage suffered during the curse such as poor posture from the pains inflicted from the curse may not be fully reversible.   If the Witch is unwilling to make peace or since then deceased, the only recourse left for cursed individuals is to seek the help of the Church of Order, who can call upon the aid of divine beings, which may perceive the nature of the curse and have the power to counteract or break it permanently.   It should be noted however, that such an undertaking requires significant resources on behalf of the church, which is why their help is reserved for persons important to the faith or the particularily wealthy or influential, which can offer a benefit to the faith in return.
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Hell, many of us have many of the same symptoms, apparently these witches are everywhere.

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This reads like the back of a medicine packet like "Refer to the package leaflet for risks and side effects and consult your local exorcist or cleric."

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I like how this was written. And yes - apparently we have witches everywhere - and the longer you live, the more you have offended them!

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