Human Mage


Shavvar was a travelling mage who joined forces with Thorill and Trias near Overdale back in 1245 but after being nearly killed by Thoril, gave up adventuring for years.  
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Arc 1
Many years later, Shavvar found himself working in the Rusty Nipple slinging magic for tips and on a quest to the Silver Glade, annoyed his companions so much that they sealed him inside the tomb they were sent to retrieve an artifact from.   Whether he died inside the tomb or managed to escape somehow is unknown.

Appearance and Personality

  Shavvar was a bit cowardly and seemingly not cut out for adventuring, but attempted it several times. He became quite powerful but never managed to hone his skills to be effective in combat, which led his companions to abuse and ridicule him at every turn.  
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Notable Moments

  • First appearance in Episode 2
  • Locked inside the Elven tomb in the Silver Glade at the beginning of Episode 100 where he may have died.
  • First Appearance
    Arc 1, Episode 2

    Aligned Organization
    Group DRP