Cassie Drake

Human Warlord


Cassie had been working with the orphans in Esterholt when funds and options ran short. She joined up with Kava and the group to refill her coffers and hopefully be able to do amazing things for the orphans in the future.  
Show spoiler
Arc 1
The first and only mission Cassie had with Kava and her crew was to retrieve the Bell of Vecna from its ages old hiding place near Odysia. Cassie nursed Drakonis in his times of need as well as leading the party through the dangers of the cave leading to and from the Bell. They were able to recover the artifact and delivered it safely to the buyer in Esterholt.

Appearance and Personality

  Cassie is the epitome of positivity and hopefulness. She enthusiastically offers words of comfort and support, usually in the face of extreme duress.
First Appearance
Arc 1, Episode 178

Aligned Organization
Group DRP