Arc 2 - Episode #034

The Humane Thing To Do

General Summary

15th of Yeste'
As Rose rocks and lurches on the ground, the party watches in horror as she finishes transforming into a 7 foot tall werewolf! Larg immediately rushes in to grapple the beast and manages to get behind it. In a flash, he changes position and flips the werewolf backwards onto it's head and holds it so the rest of the party can act. Kalden, Braylon and Elena take their swings as Kallie blasts it with a beam of light causing it to transform back into the now unconscious form of Rose.

Larg takes "Rose" to Suplex City!

Larg suplex 1

by Inksplatter_Architect

Larg suplex 2

by Inksplatter_Architect

Following the short fight, the group has a long discussion about killing Rose or trying to get her help with the party divided. Everyone agrees to allow Kallie to talk to Rose and walks down the road. Elena stands by Kallie following a bombshell admission from the druid about her own unsure future.

When Rose wakes, she seems to have regained her memory and tells the story of how she ended up in the forest. Kallie and Elena agree to help, much to the disappointment of the group.

Another discussion takes place ending with the group continuing to walk towards Durnhollow and setting up 2 separate camps for the night.


Locations Visited


The artwork was drawn "live" during Theriathon 2018 while the episode was being recorded.

Group B

Player Characters

Release date: 13 May 2018 - Download the Episode

Report Date
13 May 2017