Arc 2 - Episode #028

Dead Wood

General Summary

12th of Yeste'
After breaking camp, it is decided that the drake should be set free and the rest of the day passes uneventfully.

13th of Yeste'
While making their way through the Divide, the group comes upon a Gnome who introduces himself as Decki. He offers them some refreshments and Braylon attempts to teach their new friend how to play his new-found flute. Before they part ways, Decki tells a story of how he may have murdered his former friend and everyone agrees it's best to keep moving for a few hours more to get some distance from him.

14th of Yeste'
Following a foggy morning, the party stumbles on some remains that had apparently been tied to a tree and set on fire. It is assumed with good reason that this may be Decki's "friend". Larg buries what is left of the body and travel resumes.

Once camp has been set up for the night, a woman's scream is heard and all run to help. They find a youngish, half-elf woman with a head wound and a case of amnesia.

She is invited to stay in the camp for protection and all settle in for a restless night.


Locations Visited

Group B

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Release date: 05 Mar 2018 - Download the Episode

Report Date
05 Mar 2018