Arc 2 - Episode #026

Knee Deep

General Summary

11th of Yeste'
After a quick discussion, Kallie turns into a fox to check the escape path to the front gate. Finding Ripley with hounds, she runs back to the group but not before attracting one of the dogs and having to escape into the sewer.

Kallie tells the group about the Fang and Ripley and they all decide to make a break for the sewers and get out of town.

Covered in waste, the party finally escapes Donhurst and the Fang. They start in the direction of Durnhollow and confront a group of drakes. The drakes are defeated and Kalden is able to trap one, hoping to take it back to Jordanna and regrow Kalden's arm.

12th of Yeste'
Finally getting to rest, Kallie and Kalden go hunting in the morning and Kallie is made aware of Kalden's recent critter freezing behavior.


Locations Visited

Group B

Player Characters

Release date: 11 Feb 2018 - Download the Episode

Report Date
11 Feb 2018