Arc 2 - Episode #024


General Summary

11th of Yeste'
The party begins their search of the town and after a short rest, head toward the mines. They find dozens of golem bodies, hundreds of townsfolk killed by an explosion and the corpse of Mox. Eventually, a toxic smell hits their noses and they find a cavern coated in black ooze. This was the place where the demon once existed, now exploded by the power of Vecna.

On the way out, they search for survivors but find none. Larg starts to move corpses from the town to the mines while the others search the temple. They find Ellen's room and evidence that she may have packed to leave.

Around 10pm, they hear the sounds of the Fang arriving at the gate. The group decides to go somewhere safer than the temple and mistakenly choose a house across the street from The Soft Hound Tavern.

Trent, having had enough drinking in Lochfort, decides against the tavern and makes his way towards the house the party is in to continue his search.

Larg stalls Trent long enough for him to be subdued and thrown in a closet, leaving the crew to devise a new plan.


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Release date: 15 Jan 2018 - Download the Episode

Report Date
15 Jan 2018