Arc 1 - Episode #185

In The Dark

General Summary

14th of Thorom
After days of travel, the party arrives near Odysia and eventually finds the cave they are looking for. They begin their descent into the darkness, following the paths that seem most traveled and soon find themselves at a large underground lake.

Cassie asks Drakonis to shoot some flames to the roof to light the room, which he does with horrifying results. The fire startles a horde of insects who quickly go on the offensive and move at the party. Cassie suggests backing up the hallway but Kava panics and jumps in the lake, followed by everyone else including Sonia, the lone torch bearer. With no where left to run, Cassie makes a mad dash for the water and skips across the top on her shield, knocking Drakonis out in the process. Eventually, everyone makes it to the other side, wet, angry and throwing blame.

A while later, after more walking, chaffing, and avoiding traps, the group finds a door leading into a room with a pedestal holding a bell.

Kava tries to quickly swap Drakonis' bone for the bell while Dorinn and Cassie try to hold the doors open. Chimes sound as Kava takes the bell and the doors slowly begin to close. Drakonis sprints back into the room, not wanting to lose his bone and barely escapes the room as the doors slam shut behind him.

Locations Visited

  • Near Odysia

Player Characters

Release date: 31 Oct 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
31 Oct 2016