Arc 1 - Episode #173


General Summary

7th of Thorom
Following the orc battle, everyone rests, vomits and takes an accounting of the scene. Malchus and Teveen make their way towards the orc encampment and take down the flag while Aria and Theo attempt to move the corpses out of the road. Once everyone finishes their tasks, they talk to the other caravan folks who ask to be left to attend to their wounded. The party gets back in the carriage and resumes the trek to Winterhaven. Hours pass and finally, Malchus and the gang enter the gates of Winterhaven with little fanfare. They find an inn called The Fancy Gentleman with a nearby pub and make preparations to stay for the night. After cleaning up they go to The Thin Bear for some dinner where eventually, it is made known that Rocca Kinreaver is indeed Malchus Grimnas and shortly after the captain of the guard and some soldiers come in to bring him in for questioning. Malchus asks to rest for the night and still, as a knight of the city, is granted that, given that he appears willingly before the council in the morning.

10th of Thorom
Una and Julie arrive at the Temple of Vecna and secure one half of the artifact allegedly to be used against the demon army.


Locations Visited


Malchus tells a tale of how he did not make a pact to get his warlock powers but assumes they are hereditary. Could it be that Malchus is actually one of the trapped gods slowly reacquiring his powers?

Player Characters

Release date: 31 Jul 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
31 Jul 2016