Vervaine is a unique plant found on the country of Thenia. Often called "the Innocent's Tears," the flowering plant has unique properties that make it valuable to Thenians.


Material Characteristics

There are several subspecies of vervaine, but most have similar characteristics, including flowers and other edible parts of the plant. Despite its potentially strong power, the plant is rather innocuous looking, and many accidents have occurred where someone underestimated the power of this plant.   The most famous subspecies, Vervaine Thenia, is Thenia's "national plant;" that is, it shows up quite frequently on various logos. This plant has medium-sized, dark purple flowers.

Geology & Geography

Various species of vervaine exist all over Thenia. However, it is most prevalent in Kezig, Keshea, and Ghazeen.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Depending on what part of the plant is utilized, vervaine has several uses. The leaves of the plant are often used for potions, while the roots, with a slightly earthy taste, is used in cooking.   The flowering part of vervaine is perhaps the most interesting, though: when it's consumed (either as part of a potion or not), it completely reeks havoc on the magic of a magician or witch. Perhaps even more intriguing is that the effect of the plant will be completely unknown until the magic user consumes it (or is given it). The effects vary from making their magic unusable for a period of time to making their magic much, much stronger. Because of this, some magicians and witches use the plant recreationally, although it's certainly a gamble to do so, as sometimes the effects from vervaine (good or bad) can last upwards of several weeks.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Vervaine is considered a special plant to the Followers of the Seven Divine, as it's nicknamed "the Innocent's Tears," referring to the Innocent of their pantheon. According to legend, the Innocent was so saddened by the death of her lover that she laid down in a meadow and sobbed for days, thus leading to the creation of vervaine. As such, vervaine has a reputation amongst the Followers for purity and innocence, despite its potential negative uses.


Trade & Market

Parts of vervaine (i.e., the roots and leaves) can be found in almost any shop in Thenia. However, since the flower is contraband, that can only be obtained through picking it oneself or illegally buying it.

Law & Regulation

Because of vervaine's potential effects, the use of vervaine is regulated by the governments of Thenia: nowhere in the country is it legal to consume it recreationally, although it often is. Use of vervaine (especially on someone unknowing) is swiftly punished, often with imprisonment.
Sweet, almost sickly sweet


Author's Notes

Clearly, this is based on our world's Verbena plant, which I think is pretty cool! I got information on that plant from here.   This article is part of my Spooktober 2022 collection! As such, it's minimally edited, and I'll add more when time allows. Forgive the construction dust!

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