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Brief History of Churiss

The Nation of Churiss has gone through many changes in recent times.   It gained its independence from Ascadia to the west. Having consolidated its position as a new nation, it then began a journey to decide what sort of nation it wanted to be - what should its true values be. The nation's leaders consulted with the populous on this core question.   The result was what many would describe as a progressive society - one that valued individuality, freedom, and openness to other nations and cultures. This was represented in a national statement of values known as The People's Charter.   At first, this seemed to be a generally accepted outcome, but over time certain factions became increasingly uncomfortable and ultimately hostile towards it. The increase in hostility coincided with the announcement and enactment of key policies.   Members of the disgruntled factional groups used increasingly aggressive actions to vent their anger. Beginning with protest marches, over time these escalated to violent clashes with national security agents and militia. Whilst some factions dispersed, others continued, and grew a strong supporter base. Supporters tended to move to certain parts of the city, and over time those areas became highly concentrated with factions' supporters, and 'no go areas' for everyone else.   More recently, Churiss set up a new Citizens Program. This was aimed at attracting people with certain skills and common values to become citizens of Churiss. Once gaining full citizenship they had the same rights and obligations of those born in the nation. For some this policy was the step that went too far.  

The Regiment of Old Churiss

The Regiment of Churiss (ROC) was founded to put an end to the influx of foreigners to their nation. They were angered by the dilution, as they perceived it, of their culture, and with jobs taken by an invasion of outsiders. The key founders of ROC were in fact descendants of those who were opposed to Churiss becoming independent from Ascadia and remain loyal to that nation.   Concentrated in three core areas of the City of Churiss, they constantly act to intimidate people to support them. They put forward candidates for any elected position in the city and the wider nation. They are known to arrange for the transport of relevant sections of the population to cast their votes at designated civic places. They portray this as supporting democracy, but virtually everyone realizes this is a vehicle they employ to intimidate people to vote for the candidates they put forward.   Their resources come from three main sources:
  • contributions from some rich (and anonymous) donors within Churiss
  • contributions from some rich (and anonymous) donors from Ascadia
  • criminal activities
ROC sponsors and controls many criminal activities across Churiss but is careful that no trail leads authorities to any of their leaders. In addition, they deal severely with any of their own number that undertakes unauthorized criminal activities of their own. Many individuals have been called out by ROC to a certain place and time to receive their punishment - this usually takes the form of a blow from a club shattering the kneecap or elbow joint. Whilst not fatal, these punishments serve as a reminder to any others of their group not to act outside officially sanctioned activities.   Supporters of ROC are so high in number that Churiss authorities struggle to determine how to deal with them. They are met with resistance from residential areas under the control of ROC, and are openly attacked should they enter them to deal with any law enforcement. They fear that if they escalate actions that will only worsen the tensions and violence. To add further complication to this situation, ROC have successfully got some candidates elected to positions of office.   They also fear such an escalation may prompt Ascadia to take action given that ROC has a history of loyalty to that nation.

ROC Emblem

The acronym of the Regiment of Old Churiss led to them choosing the giant mythical bird the Roc as their emblem.
  These creatures resemble giant eagles and have a wingspan measuring some sixty feet or more. They are immensely strong.

Regular Activities of ROC

ROC routinely carries out activities to intimidate 'outsiders', original citizens of Churiss, authorities, and even its own supporters. Core examples include:
  • holding rallies and marches
  • openly patrolling its own areas with weapons
  • vigilantism
  • paramilitary attacks
ROC officially only undertakes rallies and marches - these are operated almost as festival events trying to portray a peaceful movement.   It has, however, set up another group, named the Churiss Freedom Fighters (CFF), to carry out the violent actions on its behalf. It denies all ties to this group using it simply as a means of avoiding being outlawed.   So far authorities have not been able to definitively link the leadership of the two groups. The CFF is a banned organization, but in reality, little action is taken to track down perpetrators of criminal activity.
Cover art and emblem by: Annalise Batista


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