Downtime in Eversprings

General Summary

During these next months Raeflynn has to stay at the palace pretending to be pregnant and learning what it is to be a Princess. During this time, the party gets housing in one of the nicer inns close to the palace and they decide to all do their own thing while waiting till the baby comes.

Princess Training

Raeflynn is required to at least start her princess training and learn some of the basics. In doing so she learned the following skills:

Aura of Protection

You are constantly shrouded by an aura of protection. You are always under the effects of a protection from evil and good spell.

My Hero

As an action and the expense of one majesty point, you may target an ally as though you casted heroism on them, except it does not require concentration, the target must be within 60 feet of you that can see or hear you, and they gain temporary hit points equal to your Charisma modifier + your Proficiency bonus at the start of each of their turns for the duration of the effect.

Werewolf Training

Ronan has spend most of his time trying to learn about his new body and trying to control his shapechanging.


Phinux helped Ronan by doing research in the Eversprings Library, spending lots of time going back and forth between the library and Ronan, discussing what she had learned from the books (sometimes Ronan even went with her). Phinux also read lots of books about nature on this island*, transmutation of magical creatures, and many other books. The books of transmutation she mainly read to find something about werewolfs but she found nothing about it, but after requesting a couple of books from one of the librarians and talking about how she is a companion of the new Princess, he led her to a hidden passage to a basement under the library where some secret books where stored and swore her to secrecy. Most of these books where on magics that where to dark to share with the general public and some books that where to old and delecate to be requested by just anyone.   One of the books she read there was a memoir from a wizard that had combined horrible dark magic with toxins and poisons into a potion that could turn an ordinary humanoid into a shapechanger. But the best part is that it is a physical change, no magic is required nor used in this transformation. Also stated is that he stopped the experiments due to a problem with the viability and the usability for he could not get them to become true shapechangers but only to change into one form back and forth. And later when it was discovered that it was contagious and that subjects often lost control when exposed to moonlight, they where eventually hunted down and killed in order to prevent a global pandamic (this was almost 200 years ago).   You also take a look at the oldest book in the library and you notice it is written as some sort of notebook, containing notes about a mans journey and short stories about his findings. The book is aproximated to be almost 3000 years old and while you read it you understand that this book has been written by a magic user but it seems that the magic back than was used in a completely different way as if the fundamental laws of magic where different back then. She reads about a system of gates placed all around the world for the Wizards to be used to quickly travel from place to place. She concludes by this that they didn't have the ability to create portals and other gateways. The book states that it was only to be used by trained Wizards due to the dangers of traveling (the book unfortunately does not describe what those dangers are). It also contains some notes about how to open the gates (by turning some leaves in a specific order) and that the gate automagically closes when someone goes throug in the oposite direction of how it was opened.

Spreading Rumors

After the wedding ceremony, William contacted the captain of the guards and asked him about the creatures that had attacked during the wedding and they talked about what was happening and over the next few months became friends. William often went to the guard house and met lots of guards. Once he had won their trust and became a friend to the guards, he started to talk a bit about Emperor Morbo hinting to some of the things he did and rumoring about the evil that is Morbo.

"Late Night Shopping"

In the last few weeks, Ronan decided to go "Late Night Shopping" and targeted a couple of simple magic shops. He found a bag of holding, a couple of weapons and some other random stuff.

Dog Training

Anlanya and Ykki spend these months training Doggo.


3025-06-18 - 3025-08-01
Report Date
29 May 2020
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