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The Golden Empire

The Golden Empire is the grouping of half-human tribes founded by the Congregation of Shadow. Like Werebeast used to, the Half-humans group themselfs in tribes according to their species or their diet (carnivorous, herbivorous, omnivorous).   Because of their origins, they were numerous enough to be called a species. But they were divided and hatred of humans did not help. Hunted or exiled in the Mosour Forest, they survived by regrouping but especially by attacking each other. There were many great conflicts that led to the establishment of an unequal but stable society. But all this changed when the Congregation of Shadow and the Black Hand decided to meddle in changing this society. Thus was born the Golden Empire.   Time and habits forged society and traditions. But Black Hand shaked them and create a brand new society. A new version, where the basis of it was not anymore the exploitation of the other but the cooperation with him. The Black Hand explained that the foundation of the Golden Empire was not a way to control them but help them and that it was not going to refund entirely their habits along to respect their traditions. And the Black Hand made the tribes vote for which traditions they wanted to keep except the ones who were disrespectful.
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