The Black Hand

Supreme Commander (a.k.a. The Black Hand)

There's a hand coming from the nothingness that manipulates the threads of the world and the ones of destiny. We call her, the Black Hand and she call herself the Supreme Commander.
  The Black Hand, or the Supreme Commander of the The Congregation of Shadow is the Emperor of the Xiantia Empire.   He is a person who fights against wars in general and therefore against the Theocracy of Homeca especially since the arrival of Charioce I.   He is known to succeed in stopping wars before they even start and especially to win conflicts even before the protagonists have had the idea to make them.   Also known as the "Last Stand" or "The Shadow that engulfs his enemies", he is a seasoned fighter as much as a diplomat and a strategist of genius. This is one of the most important people of the current century.  

The people come first

  It does not distinguish between species. As long as a being is intelligent and can speak, he is a person for him. He has great respect for everyone and he promotes respect as the first value of his reign.   He use his technologie and knowledge to slowly but efficiently improve the people conditions. He balances the goods to maintain a weak but stable growth momentum and thus making his empire prosper.   With the help of various inventions such as wheeled prostheses and other medical advances, it has become a reference in the medical field. Until Archibald Lerwick invents the Extensions.

Divine Domains

Engeneering and Creation:
Using advanced technologies, he was able recreate the Creation power of the Ancestors. He use them to control the development of his Empire and to make researches and experiments.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Instables rings and the Power Armor.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Black Hand made its first appearance 116 years ago at Fort Benson. He attacked the fort alone and managed to panic the military forces of the Theocracy of Homeca that had to evacuate and leave the fort to the intruder. Denouncing him like a terrorist, he multiplied the attacks on the military troops of the region and ends up to create a solid reputation.   Two years later, he faced the theocracy alongside the Alliance of Baram at the head of The Congregation of Shadow which he will use to take control of the north shore of Yggdrasil under the banner of the Xiantia Empire.   Self-proclaimed emperor, he signed peace with Theocracy of Homeca so he could turn to his true goal: science.   While installing the Congregation of Shadow on research sites, he established a sovereign and influential state. After which he looked at the situations of Half-humans and their society. He helped them reshape their traditions by founding The Golden Empire and advising them on how to create their own independent state.   He is nevertheless involved in the political affairs of everyone to avoid conflicts and massacres, but especially to witness events. He is always in the places where we least expect him for his collect of information and experiences, so much so that a saying says of him that he is "nowhere and everywhere at once".     He began to be more active around the year 13 950 and mostly around the Theocracy. This suspicious activity leads to think that it is he who brought the death of the Fallen Angel Adriel and who put King Charioce I on the throne. But the king would have escaped his grip and decide to carry out his own mission. Thus the Black Hand would have lost one of its precious pawns and events are consistent with this hypothesis since he removed the scientific complexes on the territory of the Theocracy a few weeks after the coronation of the king.   All subsequent events were then attributed to him and he had to break off diplomatic relations with the Alliance of Baram and especially the Elves.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

He is a very secret character as evidenced by the mask he always wears. The only personal information we know is that he likes cute things and soft skins.
Divine Classification
Clockwork God
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Supreme Commander, Emperor of Xiantia, Archmage, Swords master, The Clockwork God.
Deep Blue
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Nobody care before I put on the mask."
"Everything worth its weight in gold."


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