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Up to Uppsala

The team arrive at Uppsala and quickly have to fend of the advances of the Necrocult.

Plot points/Scenes

The team eventually arrive at the edge of Uppsala. Here are the burial mounds of many Norse heroes and honoured dead. Just north is heavily defended township that supports the Temple. The Norse move quickly as they don't want to remain near the dead unless they rise. They are took into the main temple and are introduced to the leading Hofgothi, by the name of Haskell Sigurdsson. He is reclining in a chair made of ash wood which has a small disc of Mistletoe's Blood Clot on the back of it.   When they are there they see that 9 each of the following hanging from the ash tree: humans, goats, wolves, and boars. A human is also being sacrificed in the sacred well.   He asks for the help of the team to fight back a force of undead sent by the Necrocult. The Necrocult is looking to destroy Uppsala, take the Mistletoe's Blood Clot, and pervert the sacred site to their own end. At the same time, Magnar is brought out, and he is in the process of being healed. A Draugr injured him severely and poisoned him spiritually. The local Hofgothi priests are healing him and trying to break the curse of the Draugr on him. It is attracting the undead and using him to spy on the temple. When in the temple, he is cut off from their influence.   A short while later, the Necrocult attacks, led by Draugr. The Draugr are spread throughout the forces and there is about 250+ of the dead here. The team can fight any way they want, and have Norse as back up troops. They attack in two waves with the first being expendable troops, and some zombie mammoths that are treated as elephants & act as battering rams. The odd troll & frost giant is spread through the forces too, mainly as allies. High Elves, Wood Elves & Dwarves are on the side of Uppsala, but all are outnumbered. The town is likely to be severely damaged with exceptionally high casualties for the defenders & locals.    Afterwards if successful, the team is awarded 250 silver (hack silver) each, and offered a magical tattoo or necklace in the shape of Mjolnir each. This gives them either a +1 to their AC or or to WIS DC saves.   Afterwards, a small knuckle sized piece of Mistletoe's Blood Clot to cure Magnar is required. A sacrifice of nine boars may help to cure him (adds a +1 to the save). A WIS DC save of 15 is needed to cure him. If successful, he will be fully cured. If not, he is likely to die, and return as a Draugr.   Either way, they have the option of leaving back to Eschbach, taking a few days to get there.


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