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Session 55: What do we have here? Report

General Summary

The team make it back as far as Aachen. Resting up there they are given a job by Count de Ath. A piece of the one true cross was stolen from the local cathedral, and a rare version of the Torah stolen from the local synagogue. Someone broke into them from the sewers. Pieces of leaves and dirt were also found. At the synagogue, a knife blade from the Bladed Pouch was found stuck in the cabinet that stored the Torah.   They decided to split up, with Reolus taking to the sewers and marking out a route. The thieves broke in by loosening a large stone in each place. Marked them with a chalk X on the bottom. They came from the main western sewer system. At the same time Anselma finds three sets of dirty tracks in the two buildings, and some of the dirt seems to have came from a forest nearby, and mixed with ash from a fire.   From there they are able to go out the western main road, and find the grills that adjoin to the exit of the sewers. They are bent out in one part. Anselma finds tracks leading south west into the nearby forest. Going in, they find a camp from the smell of a burning fire. Reolus climbs a tree and sees three people moving north into the forest and swinging round to the east. Reolus drops down and both him & Anselma face off against three Bladed Pouch members that they defeat easily. A quick search, they find about 6 gold and three single use vials of poison. They go into the camp and search around. In the tent they find the part of the cross and the Torah. They also had found a journal that says the Tabaxi (and his companions) is to be watched & activated. Also, when finished the theft, they are to travel to the very southern border of Brittany to help search for a tomb.   When they are there they hear an owl-like screech and a large creature walks out into the camp. It appears to be half owl & half bear, and is a classic owlbear. It was attracted by the fight earlier. It walks off eventually and drags off one of the dead. Following it, they find it's camp that has a dead wood elf at it. The body is dumped here and it starts eating. Reolus slips down south and creates a commotion to get the owlbear distracted. He uses one of his pepper spray to cover his smell. He runs back and they examine the dead elf. A bow and 12 marked arrows are present.   They leave and soon find themselves surrounded by wood elves & Celts. They are looking for an elf that disappeared. Reolus points to the owlbear camp and they are thanked with a small favour down the line. The elves take the bow but the arrows are to be kept.   Afterwards Reolus & Anselma make it back to Aachen. Meeting up with Count de Ath, they are took to the cathedral. The priest there takes the piece of the one true cross, blesses Anselma who hands it over, and gives them a single use vial of holy water to both. Being took to the synagogue, they are introduced to Chief Rabbi Goldstein who accepts the Torah, and gives them a favour that they can be used in Frankia or Jerusalem. It can only be used in reasonable circumstances. Both are also paid by Count de Ath.

Rewards Granted

7,000 XP, three poison vials, two holy water vials, 6 gold initially & a further 250 gold each, twelve +1 magic arrows.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
23 Jul 2023
Primary Location


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