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Session 38: Travelling to a new city Report

General Summary

Fleec arranges for travel from Parisius to Rome to get to Tunis and find out information. Travelling as far as Eschbach then on to Saltzberg. Before setting out he had picked up 2500 gold worth of religious items / works to sell on the way.   After leaving the city of Saltzburg the group travel through the Alps and arrive in the Italian Peninsula, eventually arriving in Rome. On the way he heard about yeti type creatures & undead in the Alps, and the Knockers in the mines.   Arriving in Rome they make their way to St Peter's Basilica, where they are shown into a room by a guard after leaving their horses. Here it is about the width of four people with it well decorated and a fire at one end. A table is near it and Preator de Angelo sitting at it. He buys half of Fleec's goods for 9000 gold in gems, blue & purple dyes, and four cloaks dyed blue or purple. He is given a bill of sale, and a letter showing they are allowed to sell the rest, but not use or wear the cloaks & dyes.  They are also given papers to allow for passage on a trade ship to Tunisia.   Eventually they set of for the docks to get the boat to the trade ship. There they are caught in the edge of a storm, and the superstitious sailors are freaked out by a 'large snake' following them in the water. Eventually they arrive at the port of Tunis while the call to prayer (Adem) is being called for the Islamic population.

Rewards Granted

4300 xp
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Fleec Snow
Chaotic Neutral Half-Elf ()
Rogue/assassin 8
61 / 61 HP
Report Date
02 Nov 2022
Primary Location


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