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Session 31: The Silvery Tongued Birgin Report

General Summary

Grimmaz makes it back to Aachen, and appears at the Tower of Emon Kanis. At the same time Willhelm is placed in a protective circle made for him to allow him to protect him, and allows him to project himself out to talk to Birgin when he appears. At the same time Willhelm organises the Tower Guard & Mages to set up hidden with fire based spells if needed to blast Birgin.   Grimmaz is given the rank of Lord and titles to 5 miles of area for use from the centre of Eschbach to use for building and exploiting. He is sent out when he explains about the threat of Birgin & the black dragon scale. And he arrives in time to help.    Wilhelm & Grimmaz wait until Birgin lands and he is given the silver. He gives them an evil smile and asks if the notice anything. Both do with Grimmaz seeing slightly more of the following: A scale is removed from below the eyes of his head and replaced with the red dragon scale he was given, and one on his forehead has been removed and the black dragon scale placed there. What looks like a kind of a map is seen in front of Birgin's eyes.   When asked, Birgin explains that it is a map to the Black Pyramid and he is trying to raise the old Dragon Empire, at least in Europe. The Black Pyramid has the power to help him raise the dragons again. He mentions that it was tied to a black dragon called 'Leviathan' causing Grimmaz to think of the Order of the Gash. Also, the dragon mentions he saw a being slipping into the city of Aachen, and the dragons have a hatred of the undead cults. He also explains that the Cult of the Dead is used by the Necrocult & Children of the Nazarene to test out enemies while preparing creatures to overcome their enemies. Birgin then takes off, and Grimmaz has the spellcasters to shoot at Birgin to take some damage and go north to recuperate before going south.   The heroes go and speak to Emon Kanis after this, and told that there is two bad bits of news. Before this Grimmaz explains about the Necrocult, the Black Pyramid, and the Order of the Gash. Leviathan is hinted to be the black dragon, and the Black Pyramid is a Nexus Point to evil dimensions, and the dragon is somehow tied in in some way to the Order. Also serpent worshippers are somehow involved   Also, the Saxons were examined after the battle and a few were wearing soapstone pendants in the shape of pentagrams, with an eye design in the middle. It seems to be linked to the Star God Cults, and Willhelm remembers that a few Saxons would be found disappearing during religious ceremonies to out of the way places to worship differently but couldn't remember exactly any more. He proposes studying the occult, touching on a god worshipped by at least one of the cults.

Rewards Granted

3500 XP. Willhelm given a Ring of Cold Resistance.

Character(s) interacted with

Emon Kanis, Alfre, Birgin the Winter Storm.
9th Century Earth Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign
Grimmaz Fyrwin
Neutral Human ()
Fighter 14
144 / 144 HP
Report Date
25 Aug 2022
Primary Location


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