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North We Go

The players are on the road heading north to get a boat or ship, nine sacrifices, and attempt to find the island of Baltia. A few strange occurrences happen but will they affect the party?

Plot points/Scenes

The party is informed that they should travel to Aachen in the north, then cross over into Denmark keeping their heads down in Saxony. From there they should be able to get through to Gothenburg, and get a ship there.   When on the road to Aachen, they are a day's worth behind Charlemagne's entourage and eventually meet up with a small band of guards that have stayed behind. They are mopping up so to speak on a matter of the corpse they found. Shortly after Charlemagne had moved through this part, a Hibernian was met on the road by the tail end of the entourage. He had asked if a person called Viktor from the east was travelling with them as the Hibernian was sure he was close by. They sent a message up ahead, and soon the man of Dacian lineage came back on horseback. Both of them were talking and disappeared into the forest a short while later. This was followed a half hour later by Viktor coming out of the woodland, and strange lights & sounds were noticed at points in the woodland a few minutes before. Whatever had transpired, nothing was said by Viktor but he had a couple of cuts on his clothing but no injuries. He got on his horse and rode off up north. They went in and the Pict was decapitated and a fight had took place in a small grove.   Nothing more has been said about this, at least not yet.   Something of note the guards do say is that they are sure they are being followed. Exactly who is another matter, though only by a single person who they think is human. Some have complained that a few of the stragglers have yet to catch up and a few are presumed either deserted or dead. Some were sent back a bit and found the odd blood spatter here & there but nothing too much. Whoever is following them is keeping their head down in the meantime, and the area is close enough to the border that the odd attack by Saxons taking one or two of the stragglers is almost a given.   The party can investigate and find Claude keeping to the outskirts of the road while the entourage moves. At night, he is attacked by the Nosferatu that is really killing of the stragglers.   Other than that they get to Aachen and can travel over Saxon land to get to Gothenburg taking a couple of days at least to get there. There is the risk of attacks by Saxons including theigns, looking a bit of payback.   When in Gothenburg, they can hire a long-ship but may need to pay for slaves to sacrifice, and a number will be available. The locals don't care either way if it involves this type of sacrifice as they have all heard the tales already. A Jarl Runik owns the ship and helps to sail it out to the spot. He's going to go on to Sweden to visit Uppsala afterwards as he has heard that a massive undead army is rumoured to attack it in a few days and wants to help protect it.   On their travels they may encounter a character by the name of Cyrielle de Orleans, especially when in Aachen. Also, they may encounter a human ranger called Anselma on her way to track down her husband, who is looking for a mysterious island.
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