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Break in the Central Massif

The team decides to break into a mine owned by the de Rais, free goblin slaves, explore for treasure, and escape.

Plot points/Scenes

The team gather what equipment and people they feel they need in Eschbach and set about trying to work out how to get into the mine they found in the valley north west of the fort. They are there to free the goblin slaves.   How they get in and free the goblins will require them to think of a plan.   They know where the entrance is to the mine but it is heavily guarded with 15 de Rais guards present at any one time in & outside the mouth of it. A direct assault could be achieved if they have the right numbers on their side but it is not known how many is in the surrounding area or in the mine.   They can look for another way in and there is an overgrown abandoned & damaged shaft at a steep angle into a cavern, on up the mountain side. Vry dangerous to traverse, there is a risk of it collapsing or someone getting stuck. Even a possible avalanche or rock fall may occur and may even alert the guards.   If the team try the front it is easy to get to the goblins as they have access now directly into the mine proper. It is a number of meters into the mine proper and is a long open mine in the mountain base. It has a few smaller tunnels here & there where they followed seams of metals (primarily iron and a bit of silver). the largest tunnel is at the back, and the goblins that escaped had found the strange cavern at the end of this.   If they try & make it down the other way, they will find themselves in the tunnel at the entrance of the strange cavern. It looks as if they were joined at one stage but has shifted since.   The actual strange cavern has grayish white pillars here & there against the walls, along with growths of some type of organic resin as if exceted by some type of hive creature. The pillars will have strange designs, and a distinct Elvish script on them in places. It tells of the first Elves to this region and they were very advanced.   Their society contained all manner of Elvish tribes but soon found themselves in a civil war, and a race of mercenary creatures were employed here to wipe out this tribe. They were backed up by Black Elves who were notorious for their cruelty, bot on themselves & others. The mercenaries were creatures of primordial essence and tentacled in some way. They started to modify the cavern to sui their own needs and seal it off from the surface.   The remains of the Elves are found scattered around the floor, with wicked blades made to cause excessive pain & others made to perfection. Old rusted & damaged weapons & armour are there, as well as the same made out of a similar substance to the pillars. Both sets are too heavily damaged over the aeons to be of any use or worh anything but the invaders had spiked dark armour including on the inside to cause pain to the wearer.   There is an exit at the end of the cavern with pillars saying it is where the last stand took place. It is where the body of the Elves greatest hero of the battle fell and his body can't be recovered.   If the team goes down, they will find a corridor covered in slimy resin until they reach a circular room at the end in a similar condition. Sitting, partially cocooned on the wall is an ancient Elf. His helm is lying to one side of his broken armour and sword. The ornate helm is the only part that seems intact.   Any skeleton or armour throughout are in terribly bad condition, and the former will crubble to dust if touched or handled.   Beyond the room is a large fissure in the wall at a 34 degree angle. If investigated, there is a strange sight.   The team can see that a huge cavern with bioluminescent fungi & mould growing in places is at the end a few yards down. A statue of a humanoid figure stands a number of yards away from the base of the slope. It seems to be an edge marker to someones territory, and there is a rough carved road goes far off into the distance to the east from it. This disappears into the distance. The statue is about 8 feet tall, and is of a humanoid creaure with ribbed clothing carved out of stone. The head & face is elongated with five tentacles carved. No eyes are visible as if it is wearing a visor. A ribbed helmet-like design is carved into the head, and the whole thing looks as if the 'clothing' & 'body' are one. A stretched out hand is holding a carved dagger with blade down, and it has a ribbed handle & spikes appear on the blade.   Around the base, set into the pedestal, is small thumb-sided bits of amber that glow if approached. This is hte same amber used to make amber sarcophagi.   Any further exploration will show passages into the Underdark, and the odd body of Gnomes, Dwarves, Druegar, and Black Elkves are present here & there. A few are fresh kills. At the same time, if the statue is approached, this may have attracted Primordial Kin, dressed in similar gear to the statue.   If the area is examined they see near the statue & road that similar resin is present and more leading down to the east along the road.
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