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The Sign of the God, The Prophet

In the twilight days of the the Old Sovereignty, some eight centuries ago, the black magician Imar Thorn, the Dread Lord, sent armies of orcs pouring out of the east in numbers uncountable, screened by swarms of blood-drinking bats and ravenous wolves. Civilization unraveled and whole nations were eradicated in their wake, and the already fragile social structure of the Sovereignty looked ready to collapse.   In this terrible hour, Syra emerged from the far west. He spoke the word of Miter and performed miracles in the god's name, the first of Miter's clerics. His origins are obscure; some sources say Syra came from the priestly caste, others report him claiming to have risen from a life as an itinerant laborer. Whatever the case may be, Syra gathered followers  as he moved east across Euborea and the Interior Sea, preaching that Miter demanded a revision in how people, individually and collectively, conducted themselves if humanity was to triumph in the Wars of the Dark.   Syra inevitably came into conflict, both with human authorities and with the servitors of evil. The Lives of Syra and the Dialectics tell how Syra overcame, one-by-one, the arguments of priests and officials who opposed him, while the satirical Disputations retells many of the same tales with a humorous cautionary or instructional message. His following grew, and when Imar Thorn tried to slay him, his agents were thwarted by the so-called "deadly saints", Syra's most faithful allies and personal bodyguard.   Syra's deadly saints were all eventually martyred in battle, and Syra himself carried up to heaven in a storm of radiant sunlight, but his message had taken hold in the hearts of many great and small, and his most ardent followers reorganized society around his teachings. Even as the Sovereignty was collapsing, it vanquished the armies of the night, and its greatest champions slew Imar Thorn and scoured his memory from the earth. The Syraic Faith became the religion of Euborea and the shores of the Interior Sea, supplanting the worship of traditional gods in most urban centers.
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The Sign of the God, The Prophet
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