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Syraism is the dominant religion in most of Euborea and Mitteland. It comprises the teachings of the prophet Syra, who emerged as the champion of humanity and the Sovereignty in the Wars of the Dark. Syraites hold Miter to be not just the Prince of the Gods, but the Sovereign of the Universe and the defender of humanity and of civilization against darkness and chaos. The worship of Miter is prescribed, not for personal gain or even the benefit of ones community, but as an obligatory recognition of a debt that can never be repaid.

Tenets of Faith

The axioms of Syraism are thus:   1. That Miter is the Sovereign of Heaven, and Syra spoke his true word.
2. That Miter defends humanity out of selfless love. He can never be commanded or invoked, only invited.
3. That Miter's love for humanity is indiscriminate between man and woman, and extends to the halflings and the dwarves.
4. That humanity would be extinct or enslaved if not for Miter, and his worship is a debt that can never be repaid.
5. That all humanity ought to know of their debt to Miter, and join in brotherhood for their common good.   There is some disagreement in the interpretation of the axioms, and of the sacred texts and legends surrounding Syra, but some version of these tenets are held by almost all who deign to follow the word of the Prophet.
Notable Members
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