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Miter, the Prince of the Universe, the Champion of Humanity, and the Measure of All Things, is a distant god. His priests, deacons, and overseers labor ceaselessly in communities across the world to order and guide the faithful in his name, but to most of them the silence of the divine is as impermeable as it is for the laity. Not so for the clerics. These rare people, chosen by the great god as his champions, are living proof that Miter watches over humanity still. Through his Watchers they are granted the ability to work miracles, and their prayers to these celestial beings are answered.   Clerics are looked to by commoners, and by many of higher rank, as prophets. They find themselves the natural recipients of requests for aid, and are expected by society to answer. As ordained servants of Miter and the Syraic Faith, they are oath-bound to the hierarchy of the Faith. A number of clerics have been sent on mission to the Thulean Frontier to serve the faithful, spread the Law of Miter, and bring order to this savage land. Their property is the property of the Faith, but priests and overseers will look to experienced clerics, as champions of Miter and Syra, to put church funds to good use, building fortified temples and establishing religious orders.
Alternative Names
Contrary to the Player's Handbook
Languages. You can read & write Partosian, the common tongue of the nobility and of the Syraic Faith.
Spellcasting. The list of spells available to you, including cantrips, is granted by Miter and his Watchers. They will bestow their miracles only upon their faithful servants.
Advancement. Recovering treasure only grants you experience points when that treasure is donated to officials of the Syraic Faith. If you maintain good relations with these officials, they will materially support you.

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