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Geton Towne

On my way to Geton Towne, up north on Viridian Lake. Thanks for the drink.

Have ye been to Geton Towne? Interesting little place. Some trade passes through, since the lake and river are navigable there, at least up to the great cliffs. Mostly a human town, although there's a decent number of dwarves, elves, and halflings around. Started out as a fortress where ships could dock as a way to control the lake and the river. People started to build around it, and they enclosed a good area inside a wall that arches out from the lake. A second wall is up now, and they're still growing.

I'm heading there for the lobstrosities, though. If you've never eaten them, you're missing out. Rich and succulent, perfect straight from the shell, drizzled with some garlic and majorum infused butter. Pricey, though, because they can be right dangerous. Nothing compared to the saltwater versions, of course, but dangerous nonetheless. They tend to be found farther out in the lake, and do most of their hunting on the islands, so to harvest any, they have to find them. The safest way, by far, is with steel traps attached to chains and left in a few feet of water. The right bait can draw them in, but if the traps aren't strong enough, they'll cut right out of it. Checking during the day is reasonably safe - they tend to be nocturnal. Too many traps too close can make it a problem though - they get agitated when all their brothers are locked up, and they might swarm when the traps are checked.

— Arlew Boley, human seafood trader
Winehouse in Barad Philia


Species Population
Human 3034
Elf 1243
Dwarf 1375
Halfling 812
Other 400


The ruler of the town, lake, and surrounding farms and villages is Baron Andres Sone. They are part of the Duchy of Barad Philia, and owe fealty to Duke Holan Payne, and the King of Corellum above him.

The Fisher's Guild holds some sway in the town, as do the minor nobles responsible for the farms and foresters.


If attacked, the people will fall back to behind the outer wall. Archers man the outer wall, and there are hooks for boiling oil spaced around the walls. Each guardhouse has an armory that can supply 20 archers/guards if called for.

If the outer walls are in any danger of falling, the inhabitants will flee to the keep if possible, or across the water. The defense will be taken up in the towers on the inner walls. This would be a delaying tactic, before finally falling back to the keep. In the event the keep were to fal, fleeing in boats would be the last resort.

The keep has catapults and ballistae, for use in clearing the sea of boats if needed. There are also attack craft available at the keep to defend against invasion.

Industry & Trade

The primary industry is fishing. Trout, pike, salmon, and bluegill are all common in the waters near the town. Crayfish can be found on the shores, and freshwater Lobstrosities can be found on some of the islands.

Freshwater lobstrosities are only found in Lake Viridian and farther upriver. They are much smaller and less dangerous than the saltwater type, but they can still be deadly in groups. Their claw meat is a delicacy in some areas, primarily in the western half of Helion, and they are useful in the production of inks, dyes, and various potions. They degrade quickly, so they generally must be captured alive to be usable.

The breakdown of the industry is:

Bakers 8 Copyists 2 Locksmiths 3 Saddlers 2
Barbers 10 Cutlers 8 Leatherworkers 9 Sculptors 2
Baths 5 Doctors 4 Maidservents 22 Shoemakers 24
Beer makers 4 Fishmongers 18 Masons 16 Spice Merchants 3
Blacksmiths 2 Furriers 6 Mercery 3 Tailors 21
Bleachers 1 Guards 44 Painters 3 Tanners 3
Bookbinders 1 Tack and harness 4 Pastrycooks 8 Taverns Workers 24
Booksellers 1 Hatmaker 3 Plasterers 6 Watercarriers 3
Butchers 7 Herbalists 8 Pursemakers 2 Weavers 2
Carpenters 6 Illuminators 1 Roofers 7 Wine-sellers 3
Chandlers 8 Inns 6 Ropemakers 2 Woodcarvers 1
Coopers 6 Jewelers 2 Rugmakers 5 Woodsellers 2
Plus, the major employers:
Industry Employed
Farming 372
Fishing 587
Trapping 213
Logging 274


The walled keep, Fort Geton, Was originally a motte and bailey built in a corner of Viridian Lake. Water was channeled from the lake around the motte, to a depth of 20 feet and width of 15 feet. The top of the motte is 50 feet above the channel, with steep slopes everywhere but across the bridge from the old bailey and to the stone docks on the lake.

The bailey walls have long since been torn down, as the town expanded and a masonry wall was built. This wall starts south of the motte at the edge of the lake, and wraps around the east of town, then back to intersect with the lake near where the Viridian River flows in. There are eight watchtowers spread around the wall. There is a well within a 10 minute walk from any point in the inner town. There are extensive sewers in this section of town that dump to the lake just outside the outer wall.

The outer wall encompasses the newer part of town. It is stone, and wide enough for archers to stand behind the crenelations. There are nine guard towers built in the wall. There are wells and sewers in this area, although they are less available than in the inner city. Docks are built on the lake shore.

Outside the outer walls there are several windmills, pastures, farms, and orchards. Irrigation water has been directed from the lake. There are permanent hunting camps on the island.


Both sections of the city have markets, with more valuable goods available closer to the keep. Fish and crustaceans from the lake are sold in the markets of the outer town. Notable buildings of the inner town are a bookbinder and bookseller, an herbalist, three churches, two jewelers, an inn and two taverns.

Notable buildings in the outer town include the fish markets, the market green for the farms at the south gate, four churches, two inns, and four taverns.


The Veridian River flows south in the region, and expands into Lake Veridian just north of town. The town sits in a corner of land abutting the lake. The land is slightly hilly, with forests on the islands and to the east of town, while the city itself is fairly flat.

The town is located north and east of Barad Philia, and south and east of Craghold. The Alsocius Forest is to the east, and the Great Cliffs are to the north.

Natural Resources

Wood is plentiful, as is fish and game. A stone quarry is nearby, although there are no known veins of ore.


  • Geton Towne

    Geton Towne is a large town on the shore of Lake Mulgri. Fishing, trapping, and farming are primary industries.

Founding Date
537 Af.
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