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Euthos Ades

Dean Euthos Ades

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Euthos is healthy, although years of working inside, hunched over a desk has resulted in him being relatively weak. He is still as agile as he ever was.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born and raised in Barad Philia, the third son of minor merchants. He was apprenticed to Kolero in his 76th year, and moved into the University. He showed some promise, and was inducted into the clerical order.


He studied in the Devotional wing of the University of Barad Philia, the largest Koleran College in Corellum, and at the time, the only one. He never truly excelled at his studies, but he showed enough aptitude to directly wield the power of Kolero that he was inducted into the clerical order. This was during a time when the Koleran League was trying to establish itself in Corellum, and were willing to take locals who may not have been acceptable in Sulae.

He completed his training shortly after his 107th birthday, in 728 Af. He had taken his vows, and set out to patrol around southern Corellum.


At the time, clerics of Kolero were expected to stay near settled areas and defend them from any incursions from the wilds. By 'showing the symbol', as they called it, the Kolerans hoped to bring more followers to their cause. This was Euthos' initial assignment.

After some minor successes and a substantial failure, Euthos eventually was reassigned to the administrative branch of the church. A fort on Lake Veridian, Geton, was starting to grow a town around it, and Kolero looked to establish a church there. As it sat on the edge of the Kingdom, but still a part of Barad Philia, Euthos was assigned to be assistant dean in what was initially a three person operation.

Euthos outlived the previous dean, and Geton Towne did not grow as fast as expected. A replacement was not sent, and Euthos became dean. By this point, there were two associate professors and one professor working at the college under him. He has expanded the college by hiring another professor and several graduate students.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Euthos patrolled near the coast for a number of years, and the general feeling was that he performed adequately. For a long time, he encountered no raiders or monsters, likely due to being in the heart of the kingdom. He did spend a lot of time healing various wounds, and was generally liked among the populace. He organized regular times that various clerics would be near villages, showing his affinity for administration.

Failures & Embarrassments

Euthos' luck ran out in 751 Af. He was at Fort Amwell, which was outside of his normal area on the coast south of Corellum. He had gone there for a romantic liaison with another cleric - a common and encouraged event in the League. The two were in bed together when the Sacking of Fort Amwell began.

He and his companion dressed and followed the noise from the harbor. They arrived to see a fleet of five pirate ships in the bay, and the ships of the fort trying to put out their burning sails. He had rarely seen battle, and only when overwhelming odds were on their side. His fear was evident, but he began to set up an area to receive wounded - he would do what he did best, and avoid the fighting. His companion agreed it would be the best use of their abilities, and set to guarding the makeshift hospital.

Shortly, they had a dozen men they were tending for. Euthos was performing well, and may have been a hero of the day if the pirates hadn't broken through. A band of eight, orcs and elves and humans, came into view. Before they could react, one of the pirates let loose an arrow, and it pierced the eye of Euthos' companion, killing them instantly. Euthos stumbled backwards, tripping over his own feet and falling. The pirates began to charge as Euthos picked himself up.

In the face of the charge, Euthos broke. He abandoned his companion, his patients, and his dignity as he fled the field, and eventually the Fort. His actions are still remembered in Fort Amwell, and are sometimes cited as the reason it has never had a successful school established. He returned to his duties, and made matters worse by not immediately informing his superiors. When he did, several days later, he was stripped of his duties, and sent back to Barad Philia for reassignment.

The dean of finance knew of his work, and decided to rescue Euthos. He sent Euthos to Geton, in the hopes that he could redeem himself in administration.

Mental Trauma

His experience in Fort Amell has damaged him. He sees himself as a coward, and wishes he was not. He can be manipulated by someone who plays on this particular fear.

Intellectual Characteristics

He is quite good at administration - the efficiency of the College under his tenure has gone up substantially. They are able to take more apprentices in per teacher, and has increased the congregation by 25%.

He is above average intelligence and wisdom, although he has definite blind spots. His fear has resulted in a low charisma compared to his early career.

Morality & Philosophy

Euthos follows the Koleran religion, although his understanding is much closer to the Sulae version than the Corellum version. He believes that everyone should take risks to improve themselves, and that Kolero is honored by those who achieve. The Sulae understanding takes an ends justifies the means approach, and Euthos has adopted this version. This is at least partially because he was inducted into the order before the general drift in Corellum.

Personality Characteristics


His primary motivation is to keep his head down and not be noticed by the rest of the League.

Wealth & Financial state

He lives a comfortable life, supported by tithes and apprentice fees.
Civilized Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Dean of Geton College
Date of Birth
6 Quattora
Year of Birth
621 Af. 267 Years old
Barad Philia
Current Residence
Very pale blue, almond shaped
Shoulder length, gathered in a low tail, strawberry blond
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very pale from time indoors
130 lbs
Aligned Organization

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