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Koleran League

The new emperor left his city to be anointed in the capital, and gave to his four advisers a Golden Sun each. He told them that they were to use it as needed, and that he would ask them to account for decisions when he returned.

The celebration of his ascendancy to the Throne of Dawn lasted a full year from his arrival at the temple until he returned to the city he would lead from. When he returned, he asked each what use they found for their coin.

The first had invested in a fishing company, allowing them to buy a new ship and doubling the worth in just a year. The second had also invested wisely, turning his talents for finding imbalance in needs and built a trading company up, turning his sun into four.. The third had kept his sun, knowing the wisdom in preserving wealth for future needs. The fourth had invested in a salvage company, and led an expedition to recover the goods from a sunken galleon, but the mission failed and he had nothing left.

The emperor congratulated the first man, appointing him the head of the banks of the empire, making a substantial salary. He also asked for both the original sun and the profits - after all, it was the emperor's money, and he should reap the return on that money - the man agreed, and took a comfortable job. To the second he granted a duchy, and told him that if he is willing to work and produce as well as he had, there was no limit to what he might do. When the emperor asked for the sun and profit back, the new duke declared that the return was more than just a good investment, but the product of his mind and sweat. The emperor agreed, but pointed out that the original sun was still his, leaving the other three with the duke.

The third man angered the emperor, for not working to improve himself or others. He had been given more money than most will ever see, and he did nothing but hide it away. He took the golden sun from that man, and told him to find work as a laborer, where he would at least be useful.

He then gave the golden sun to the fourth man, shocking the crowds assembled. To him he expressed disappointment that he lost the money, but admiration that he would try to increase his fortune and tell the emperor that he had failed. He told this man to invest better, but not to return if he once again lost it all.

— The Parable of the Golden Suns
The Book of Kolero


  • Academy Dean - The Dean is the head of the Academy, and therefore the head of the church. He commands respect at any school he goes to, but cannot generally command the school dean outright. He determines Professor assignments and the overall direction of the Academy. Often, many matters are delegated in favor of working on private projects that the Dean will view as essential for society.
  • School Dean - each individual school has its own Dean, and the Dean functions in the same way at their school as the Academy Dean.
  • Professor - Professors run their departments, directing the funds and establishing the specific curricula. Professors lead major church services, and teach the wealthiest of students. They often delegate responsibilities so that they can work on projects funded by prominent citizens.
  • Assistant Professor - APs generally do the work of the college. APs teach, perform religious ceremonies, and generally do what Professors request.
  • Tutors - Tutors are the name for the Cleric branch of the church. They are not part of a formal hierarchy - while a Dean may expect them to follow orders, they have no real power over them. A 20th level cleric is designated as a Master Tutor, and will have free rein at any school of Kolero - not even the Academy Dean will be willing to argue with a Master Tutor.


Kolerans put their own needs first, knowing that they must be strong to drag civilization forward. This can lead to infighting within schools, and sometimes bitter rivalries between schools.

Kolerans will work hard for people, but expect to be rewarded for the effort. Kolero expects that any of his people not receiving their due be willing to walk away, and this has happened - at least once, a powerful city collapsed when the followers of Kolero left en masse.1

The anointed of Kolero are expected to live well, and help others to do the same. A ten percent tithe is expected from all followers of Kolero. Teachers live off of this tithe, and in some areas live quite well. In addition, enrollees in the school are expected to pay substantial tuition, or to work hard in exchange for the schooling.

Kolerans uphold the pillars of charity and wrath by providing for those deemed worthy, while removing support for those who are not. This can result in productive competition, but combined with the mentality that each person is deserving of what they can command, graft can be a problem.

Public Agenda

The Koleran League is dedicated to improving the lives of all by allowing the best and brightest the freedom to improve things. They wish to cast aside the old order, and replace it with a meritocracy of the skilled and learned.

Civilization, Charity, and Wrath

The Holy Symbol of the Koleran League. The Broken Star represents the breaking of imposed order, and the Golden Sun the limitless potential within all Kolerans. The Broken Star has been used alone on a field of red as a flag of rebellion, most notably during the Harvest Riots.
Religious, Organised Religion
Permeated Organizations

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