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Divine Father, Fount of Knowledge, Keeper of Promises: Kolero

Brothers and sisters! Listen to me! The lords in their manor have taken from you, again and again. They steal your crops, the sweat from your brow. And why? Are they better than you? Do they work harder, are they more clever? No!

They take and take because they were born with a name and think it means they have the right. They call it the divine right, and say that the gods have decreed that they will rule. Well I don't know if the gods have said that, or they are claiming an authority they don't have, but to the Hells with the gods. What have they done for you, other than put lesser men in a position of power?

But Kolero - Kolero sees your worth. Kolero celebrates those who can lift themselves up, those who aren't afraid to toil for themselves. Join us! Join Kolero, and free yourself from the tyranny of these men. Free yourself, to be the powerful beings you were meant to be!

Arran Dryas, Prophet of Kolero
Address prior to the Harvest Riots, 769 Af.

The Truth of Kolero

Kolero is the facet of civilization aligned with chaos. His primary concerns are independence and personal responsibility. His followers are happy to help others, but rather than giving alms, they look to fund schools that teach people skills (as well as the teachings of Kolero). Many bards worship Kolero, and there is a small order of adventuring clerics.

Kolero actively seeks followers. His divine plan involves gaining as many converts as possible that will follow his tenets, thereby increasing the number of truly gifted that will serve him. The schools of the Koleran League are the most fundamental expression of this, and his clergy are expected to trade help for attendance at services. His clerics are not expected to actively preach, as they should serve as a shining example of the world as it would be if everyone turned to Kolero.

Divine Classification
Civilized Chaotic
Current Location
Date of Birth
Immortal - Terrene expectations generally cast as male
Varies depending on mood, but most commonly brown flecked with gold
Most commonly depicted with shoulder length black hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Most commonly depicted with caramel colored skin, appearing as a human or elf
At least 3 inches taller than any mortal present
Fit and muscular for his height

Cover image: by Chance Rose


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