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The Spiderweb

2032 CE

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The entire world was caught up in an extra-dimensional event, the cause and the extent of the effects of which remain largely unknown. The planet was plunged into darkness for 48 hours, all technology ceased functioning, and people were afflicted with terrible waking nightmares and mysterious pains. The event, which came to be known as The Big Shift, ended as quickly and mysteriously as it began; the lights came back on and everything seemed to return to normal. What followed, was years of unrivaled innovations, as technologies advanced and new scientific breakthroughs became an almost every day event. Then, a decade after the Big Shift, young people began mutating during adolescence, exhibiting remarkable and supernatural abilities. They came to be known as the Shifted, or sometimes Shifters; and were met with fear and bigotry by the masses.


Welcome to the near future, to the sprawling metropolis of Edge City, home to some 19 million souls, in a time where the power of nations and borders has been eclipsed by the unimaginable wealth and influence of mega corporations. Here, in the largest city in the North American Alliance, a criminal empire unlike any other is consolidating power. The massive cartel known as Las Plagas has evolved under the leadership of Sebastian Ibanez, the Red Spider, and has infected every structure of power in Edge City in a vast network of conspiracy, intimidation, and manipulation known as the Spiderweb.