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The Sora

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Thousands of unique realms are present in this existence. Each is unique, from massive trees inhabited by elves and faeries, to flat discs where two gods war over the top while demons lurk on the bottom, to planets that orbit massive slumbering phoenixes. In the Sora, the primordial chaos, all of these fantastic worlds exist. Mighty empires of humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, dranomyr, kamakari, doflein, and many other species fight, trade, and live with one another.   Travel between the worlds is accomplished by soracraft, wooden ships piloted by those who possess an intuitive connection to the elements, allowing them to safely locate and navigate through the calmer eddies of the Sora. Should they stray from the safe paths, they may find pirates or slavers, if they're lucky. If they're not, they'll find themselves engulfed in hellacious fire, drowned in burning acid, or have the very life drained out of them by fuliginous energy.   But for those who brave the Sora, there are riches, power, fame, and much more to win.