The elements are the primordial building blocks of creation of which all other things are composed. They naturally arise in the Sora, appearing, mixing, and annihilating constantly. Most scholars divide the elements into three distinct categories: fundamental elements, demielements, and antielements. Each element has different properties and traits associated with it. The elements must be differentiated from the expression of those elements in every day circumstances. The wood collected from a tree, the fire made from burning that tree, or the shadows cast by the flickering flames are all merely manifestations of the primordial elements. Actual elements can be found in the Sora or within elemental vorticies.  

Fundamental Elements

There are six fundamental elements, which are further subdivided into the material elements and the energies. These elements are the basic building blocks of everything, impossible to subdivide into other elements through any known process. Each can be combined with other elements in some fashion to create various demi- and antielements, each with their own unique properties.   The four material elements are air, earth, fire, and water. These combine to create the physical makeup of reality. The two energies are fuliginous (or dark) and nivose (or light). These combine to create the animating force of reality. Each element is antithesis to another; fire opposes water, earth opposes air, and fuliginous opposes nivose.   They represent the basest of emotions and natures of things, such as anger and hunger (fire) or lust and thirst (water).  


The demielements are pairs of fundamental elements combined in equal amounts. They can be split into their constituent elements through alchemical and arcane processes, though it is difficult to do so. The demielements are thunder (fire and air), magma (fire and earth), lightning (fire and nivose), rust (fire and fuliginous), acid (earth and water), metal (earth and fuliginous), wood (earth and nivose), shadow (air and fuliginous), aether (air and nivose), ice (water and air), oil (water and fuliginous), and ichor (water and nivose).   They represent more complex emotions and personalities, such as creativity and spontaneity (lightning) or grief and bravery (metal).  


The antielements are two opposing elements combined in equal amounts. Creating them releases a great amount of destructive force, which is one of the major dangers of the Sora. Splitting the antielements requires a great amount of energy. The antielements are miasma (earth and air), steam (fire and water), and void [fuliginous and nivose].   They represent flaws and debilitations, such as madness and exhaustion (void) or disgust and sickness (miasma).  

Further Combinations

The elements can be further combined in a near infinite ways to create anything. Different ratios and combinations can make wildly different things. For example, 8 parts ichor, 1 part wood, and 1 part aether creates elf blood. While this is technically 9 parts water, 11 parts nivose, 1 part air, and 1 part earth, combining those fundamental elements in those amounts does not necessarily create elf blood. Mixing those elements at the same time could create 7 parts ichor, 2 parts nivose, 1 part ice, and 1 part acid which combines to create aloe.  
Element Type Components Represents*
Acid Demi Earth/Water Seduction, Desire, Gratitude
Aether Demi Air/Nivose Friendship, Triumph, Dreams
Air Fundamental Empathy, Fear, Sleepiness
Earth Fundamental Pride, Admiration, Safety
Fire Fundamental Anger, Hunger, Happiness
Fuliginous Fundamental Health, Instinct, Awe
Ice Demi Air/Water Charity, Shame, Affection
Ichor Demi Nivose/Water Passion, Relief, Optimism
Lightning Demi Fire/Nivose Creativity, Spontaneity, Confidence
Magma Demi Earth/Fire Righteousness, Amusement, Gratification
Metal Demi Earth/Fuliginous Bravery, Reverence, Worth
Miasma Anti Air/Earth Prejudice, Sickness, Cowardice
Nivose Fundamental Breathing, Hope, Thought
Oil Demi Fuliginous/Water Commitment, Grief, Enthusiasm
Rust Demi Fire/Fuliginous Competition, Humor, Vigor
Shadow Demi Air/Fuliginous Insight, Caution, Somnolence
Steam Anti Fire/Water Boredom, Wasting, Depression
Thunder Demi Air/Fire Trust, Shock, Wakefulness
Void Anti Fuliginous/Nivose Madness, Exhaustion, Despair
Water Fundamental Desire, Thirst, Sadness
Wood Demi Earth/Nivose Contentment, Gratitude, Growth
*These are provided as examples and are not an exhaustive list of what each element represents.

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