Soracraft is the term used for any vessel used by soranauts to travel through the Sora. Soracraft come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and propulsion methods. Different styles of soracraft are favored by different races within the Sora and the method of constructing the more unusual types are often closely-guarded secrets. In general, a soracraft contains an enclosed outer hull that is treated to be impervious to the elemental medium. Soranauts inhabit the inside of the craft, which contains wide open sections, a breathable atmosphere, and some sort of gravity. Numerous methods of propulsion exist, from elemental sails which coast on the pressure of the roiling medium to magical force engines to propellers.   The development of soraflight is considered a major advancement in a civilization's history. The Dranomyr Archive has decreed that no sorabound civilization can make contact or interfere with any civilization that has not discovered soraflight. They enforce this decree with the threat of severe retribution against any who violate it.  

Common Soracraft Types

  • Soraship - The soraship is the most common and widely used type of soracraft. It consists of a long, oblong, often egg-shaped hull with large, thin sails on the sides. The sails come in a variety of configurations. These craft move through the Sora via the force of elemental eddies which naturally occur in the elemental medium. Detecting these eddies and maneuvering the ship into them is accomplished by the helmsman, who is able to trained to pick up the energies of the Sora.
  • Crystalles - A crystalles is a large vessel composed of crystal. These unusual craft are favored by the Dranomyr Archive, who grow them directly in the Sora itself. New crystalles are grown by taking a "seed" from an existing crystalles and exposing it to the proper combination of Sora medium. The exact combination is known only to dranomyr crystal growers. The vessels move via force engines, which require the concentrated effort of one or more sorcerers. While sorcerers powerful enough to move a crystalles are rare, these craft tend to be faster, more resilient, and more maneuverable than other soracraft.
  • Lepiceph - Used widely by elves and kamakari, the lepicephs are living creatures, resembling a cross between a butterfly and squid. Enclosures are strapped to their bodies in which the passengers ride. Pilots communicate with and direct the lepicephs via psionics or magic to travel through the Sora. They "fly" through the Sora with their powerful wings, which push them forward. While difficult to maintain and grow, they are powerful and strong.
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