When you join the legion, you belong to them till you die or retire. Those who break this oath will be hunted by the Venators to be punished for this crime. - Legatus



To be a Venator one must be be a Legionary of the legions in order to join. From that, they must have the mental fortitude to be willing to hunt their former comrades and follows orders. This includes the ability to track them down and survive in the wilderness for day on end just to find them.

Payment & Reimbursement

Venators often receive standard legionary pay as they are still soldiers first. Still, whenever someone deserts or betrays the legion, they will receive extra pay depending on the severity of the crime committed and the rank the fugitive had before leaving. They will receive more money if they bring back the fugitive alive so that they are punished fo their crimes.

Other Benefits

Venators in a legion are both respected and feared as they ensure that no one can escape from their legion that they had given themselves to. Those that stand firm with their legion see them as judges that punish the cowardly and treacherous. While those that of deserting often push it aside as they wish not to hunted like an animal and be brought back to face sever punishment.



The Venators are a part of the Imperial Legions tasked with the duty to hunt down deserters and traitors with the legions. They are often under the control of the Legatus or another high legion member. They are often sent out to find and either capture or kill these fugitives to see that justice is served for their crimes.

Social Status

Being a Venator is often a thankless job. Still, it is honorable, especially in the empire's legions, as to serve in a legion is considered an unbreakable oath that cannot be broken. Those who do break this oath must be hunted down and punished for this transgression. To carry out the task, it is necessary to have several in a legion.


Venators first appear after the First Vatian Civil War when the empire was in ta terms and torn apart by war. Many legionaries tired of fighting endless conflicts for the empire fled to try and start over. Due to the lack of resources to catch them, Legatuses came up with the idea of creating a special solider to find and capture them. The first Venators would be experts in the art of tracking and hunting to find them more escalation as they tried to flee through the wilderness. These Venators would find and capture as many of these deserters as they could and they deserters would punished and be made an example. This desertions were decreased dramatically and the legions would have less trouble in dealing with it in the futures. Since then Venators have become a common profession in any legion to ensure that all that betray it would be hunted down and punished as long their was a Venator on their trail that would. Many relentlessly chasing after them as they were commanded by their Legatus to do so.


Provided Services

While hunting a fugitive they have the authority in the empire to have local authorities to help find and aid in capturing them.

Dangers & Hazards

There is always the chance that a Venator can be killed while hunting fugitives as they will often being trying to though wilderness and dangerous terrain to do so.
Legions only
Venators can operate by the powers granted to them by the Legatus of their legion both within and outside the empire to hunt down fugitives. While they will have support for finding fugitives in the empire, outside of it is much more difficult in foreign states or warzones as they have no authority.

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